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Live Painting by Artist Otis Hope Carey at Capella Singapore

ByHilya Zubir
Live Painting by Artist Otis Hope Carey at Capella Singapore

Image courtesy of China Heights.

From now till 30th June, Carey will be painting on the main walls of the Capella Singapore hotel located on Sentosa Island. Freehanded and ready, the artist takes on this second mural for the Capella hotel group – previously for its counterpart in Capella Sydney.

The mural is titled ‘GAAGAL’ which translates to ‘ocean,’ the totemic spiritual emblem of the Gumbaynggirr people. This is reflected in the topographical nature of the paintings and their visual relationship to oceanic current charts and movements. The layering and line work of the artwork design creates a beautiful union of visual immediacy and the tracings of an intrinsic and sensitive bond.

“The painting consists of using symbolism that dates over 50,000 years old. I use the symbols in a way that makes them my own view and spiritual connection to the symbols and to the ocean, fusing both together to create a two layered pattern on the wall.” - Otis Hope Carey

Image courtesy of China Heights.

The professional surfer/artist works mainly with acrylic on canvas and has created a number of large scale murals. He has also recently started using wood sculpture to explore his chosen themes. That’s not all! This year, Carey notably worked with director Taika Waititi to create the cloak worn by Chris Hemsworth in the opening scenes of Waititi’s newest film, Thor: Love and Thunder.

In August, Otis Hope Carey will show works with 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, as part of their group exhibition NO FALSE IDOLS, and will present his fifth solo exhibition with China Heights titled OUR TOTEM.

“Painting outdoors such as murals gives me a huge sense of freedom and expression to better allow the work to flow out of me like the rhythm of a gentle breeze from the wind. Painting indoors can sometimes make me feel caged in so painting this mural at Capella out in a patio area with the elements is really exciting.” - Otis Hope Carey

Image courtesy of China Heights.

As the hotel sits within reach of Sentosa waters, we hope ‘GAAGAL’ initiates exchanges between visitors who come and go. This mural is just a glimpse of Capella’s rich collection of artworks.

To catch the live painting, visit Capella at 1 The Knolls between now till 30th June, 10am to 5pm.

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