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Lu Xinjian, Artist


Lu Xinjian, Artist

Lu Xinjian makes us to think about each city we thought we knew in a completely novel way. Mastering new technology and media, Lu's solo exhibition at showcased his groundbreaking series, 'City DNA' for which he uses Google Earth to retrieve a satellite view of a city or neighbourhood and simplifies the topography into basic geometric shapes on his computer. Born in 1977 in China, Lu currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. His works are widely exhibited in China and internationally.

Lu Xinjian. (Image courtesy of Artshare).

A bit about art and me

Art is important in my life, 
because I am artist, it’s part of my life.

Art goes best with 
fashion, music and home.

Three words that best describe art according to you... 
freedom, meditation, and dream

An art exhibition you have enjoyed recently... Yayoi Kusama
's 'Dream I Dreamed' at MOCA Shanghai

Best city to go to for art... 
New York

Your favourite museum in the world
... MOMA

The artist you would like to have lunch with
... Yayoi Kusama

If you were an artist, who would you like to be... 
Pablo Picasso

The artwork you’d like to have hanging in your living room... My own artwork together with other minimal abstract or conceptual art

Chinese contemporary art for you is… It’s very important to me as an artist. It reflects the history, culture, and economy

Image courtesy of Artshare

Something I would like to share

I went to Kusama’s exhibition at Shanghai MOCA recently. I was impressed when I stepped into the museum. It seems that her work brought me into another wonderland. Especially when I entered the Mirrored Infinity Room, it made me dream. Hundreds of multi-chromatic LED lights suspended from varying heights from the ceiling with mirrors, it was flickering and generating different color scheme, it created an endless illusive universe.

Image courtesy of Artshare


  • I am preparing for the solo show at Hua Gallery London in June.
  • I am developing three concepts: City DNA / Greater New York, The Stare (Portrait painting), and a series of installations.
  • My mom always says: Xinjian, you are not patient. Indeed, yes, I am full of energy and want to do different things. However, my work needs me to calm down, because it’s a meditation process, I have to patiently paint one line by one line. 
  • The best way to keep me focus is to accompany with the beautiful music, like Jazz, Blues, Tango, Flamenco, etc. 
  • Also, tea is very important.

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