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Maximalist Design Pieces for Your Home

ByKaren Yu
Maximalist Design Pieces for Your Home

Skeleton of a cloud bench by Daeun Kim

Maximalism takes the form of saturated color palettes, characteristic textures, and patterns, “more is more” in the maximalist world. The complexity of maximalism comprises many different sub-genres and eras such as Rococo and Neoclassicism, which developed in the mid-1960s. Celebrating richness and excess in graphic design, maximalism works take a playful and provoking approach to the principles of design, totalizing noise in the space it manifests in. This collection of design pieces ranges from ceramicsfurniture, design objects, lighting, and textiles.

Introducing design pieces that make a statement in your space:


Epic Chair (Dessert Aerobic) by Kevin Park

As the name implies, this Epic Chair stands out with its pattern blocking and vivid color palette. Designed and handmade by Kevin Park, he sought to bring fun and color together, made with materials like urethane and Italian leather, giving ultimate comfort. 

"He likes to design furniture with infinite imagination and recreate the Creator's designs." - Kevin Park

The black and white terrazzo chair backing make for an unassuming appearance, bringing curiosity to the front which is layered with multiple motifs and colors, delivering vibrance and fun to any space.


Skeleton of a cloud bench by Daeun Kim

Designed by Daeun Kim, this fluid and formless bench spreads itself leisurely. The Skeleton of a cloud bench is a suitable outdoor piece as it is made with fiberglass and urethane coated. 

"She puts her thoughts and emotions into mass, and pays attention to how it is seen as different symbols compared to the original thoughts." - Daeun Kim

What makes it more complementary to nature is its solid red coloring that pairs harmoniously with luscious greenery, an organically shaped seating area to blend in with the organic elements of your garden.


Flow down by Ahyun Jeon

A unique piece by Ahyun Jeon, sought to challenge the materiality of the stool by integrating the look of flowing paints, transforming the stool’s rigid structure into a fluid one. 

As Flow down achieves comfort of color and shape, the altered materiality makes an interesting choice to feed the aesthetic appeal of your home.


I was here by Mathieu Frossard

Blurring the lines between art, design, and craft, Mathieu Frossard created a series of earthenware that brings freedom of judgment and invites multiple perspectives when looking at his pieces. 

I was here is one of his hanging wall pieces, with thick chains grappling with a circle plaque coated in a slight gradient of cobalt blue. A piece that visually punches through white walls. 


New Longshan Series 2021-12-019 by Wan Liya

A profound ceramic series designed by Wan Liya delivers captivating centerpieces with its use of saturated colors and variation in size and forms. Wan delves into the modernization of Chinese contemporary art that combines ceramic material quality and sculptural language. 

The New Longshan Series 2021-12-019 visually articulates its vibrancy through its unapologetically saturated orange and its complementing inner wallpaper coated in blue. 


Pop Daybed by Design Libero

Design Libero is a studio based in Milan that prides itself on creating futuristic Pop Art-inspired furniture, Pop Daybed is one of them. This ever-rounded daybed casts itself in sky blue paired with a base that mimicked the sky, wrapped with pointillism graphics by the artist Dimitri Likissas. 

"For them, design is totally supple and forever changing." - Design Libero 

This single daybed makes for a prevailing accent when it comes to dressing up your interior.


pink candlestick by Hyunsung Kim

The pink candlestick is a definite pop of color to any space. This design by Hyunsung Kim takes a modern approach to the baroque-style candelabrum with striking pink arms that holds dramatically long candles. 

"the direction of my work draws reference from my everyday life, but my biggest inspiration flows from nature." - Hyunsung Kim

This piece yearns to be the center of attention and definitely adds a dramatic flair to your collection.


Polka Dot Mirror by Alexey Krupinin

Designed by Alexey Kurpinin, the Polka Dot Mirror expresses itself fluidly in its unique shape and witty use of color.

“The high gloss finish provides depth and reflectiveness that visually extends the mirror illusion.”  

The fluid movements are elongated by the mirror's length accompanied by the bright yellow and black polka dots, giving a whimsical and playful feel to any wall space.


Islands “Golden Island” Rug by Kristina Gaidamaka

Rugs are made to tie the room together, but they can also make for a great centerpiece for your floor space. Islands “Golden Island” Rug is a play on pixels and the multiplicity of colors.

“When design meets art, the ordinary becomes extraordinary” - Kristina Gaidamaka

Designer Kristina Gaidamaka internalizes the energies of the earth, water, sky, and sun and expresses those energies in her designs. This rug captures the “impressionistic” color palette, making it easy on the eyes. It is also tufted with natural wool, which makes the rug more voluminous and soft which adds warmth.


Ceiba Lamp by Chuch Estudio

Designed by Chuch Estudio, the Ceiba Lamp brings a playful feel to interior lighting with its cylindrical thorned base that's inspired by the trunk of a Ceiba tree. Paired together with an illuminated sphere bulb, this composition takes inspiration from designers such as Jean Royère and Gio Ponti.

This floor lamp is sure to bring a spike in color, texture, and composition to any space.

If you enjoyed our collection of maximalist design pieces, view more here! If maximalism isn’t up your alley, why not take a look at our minimalism design collection here.

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