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Mikael Kraemer, Gallerist


Mikael Kraemer, Gallerist
French Salon. (Image courtesy of Artshare)

Mikael was born in Paris in 1980. He joined the family business and passion July 13th, 1998. He is the fifth generation based in Paris since 1875 from father to son with his brother Alain and his cousin Sandra to deal in art.

The Kraemer Gallery specializes in best quality 18th Century furniture and decorative arts, dealing with private collectors and Museums worldwide. The Family receive art lovers in their private mansion. Philanthropy is a major part of Mikael's life. Mikael goes once a year to a humanitarian trip to be directly on the field meeting with the people that the organizations supports. "through our family buisness and through our charity, we are in touch with the most powerful people of the world and on the other hand with the most defavorised people in the world, that gives a real balance". In 2012 while visiting Singapore Mikael conceptualised the The Final 100 Days of the Year of the Dragon.

Mikael was instrumental in bringing museum quality 18th furniture and objet d'art to Singapore. It was the first time this level of museum quality pieces were displayed in South East Asia. The exhibition was displayed with ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, showcasing 18th century art in-with 21st century design. The display was seen by over many millions people and Mikael conducted private tours on request for everyone from students to His Excellency President Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, including Royalties and celebrities from all around the world. Due theatre success the event was extended from 100 days to a year long. Following the success of Singapore, in 2014, Mikael brought the exhibition to Hong Kong, hosting it at Heritage 1881 Hullett House. This exhibition was also extended from 120 days to half a year and guests included dignitaries.

We are now presenting "Great Minds Think Alike" at the Liang Yi Museum in Hong Kong showcasing for the first time in the history of museography similarities and differences between 18th century French and Chinese furniture design presented together side by side. Mikael's achievement is to make his passion for art, French culture & History accessible for a maximum number of people.

Art is important in your life, because... I am lucky to be born into my passion. I am fifth generation art dealer, collector and philanthropist. I learned since young age with my late grandfather Philippe, my father Olivier and my uncle Laurent

Art goes best with... Culture, travel and the opportunity to buy special pieces of art. 

Art is valuable, because... Few great quality pieces are available outside of museums compared to the huge amount of people ready to buy the pieces of their dreams.

The three words that first come to your mind when you think about art...Collecting, Beauty of emotion, rarity & authenticity

The best museum show/ exhibition you saw in 2014...18th Century at Source of Design at Versailles, Castle curated by Daniel Alcouffe, scenography Patrick Hourcade, and the Secret of the French laquer, Vernis Martin, at the Museum of Decorative Art in Paris, curated by Anne Forrey-Carlier

Your favourite museum in the world... Camondo Museum, 63 rue de Monceau, 75008 Paris. My family sold many pieces in this collections, Kraemer Gallery is today its main sponsors to keep the memory of the family alive.


From Left: Huanghuali Square Table. (Image courtesy of Artshare)

The best city to go for art...Paris! It is the capital for culture, history, architecture, haute couture and lifestyle, artisans, and museums (including the Louvre with over 9 millions visitors a year)

An artist (dead or alive) you would like to have lunch with...Jean Henri Riesener, he was a very successful artist during his lifetime, He was consider to be living like a "Seigneur". He was Queen Marie Antoinette's favourite cabinet maker

The artwork you would like to hang in your living room...The next piece I will buy!

If you were an artist, who would it be? Andre Charles Boulle, the fist main artist in furniture history, his workshop was at the Louvre under King Louis XIV. He have his name to his technics. Today Boulle is like a generically term. 

Mikael Kraemer. (Image courtesy of Artshare)

Name one of your favourite artists and tell us why. Can you share with us a work by that artist that you particularly like?

Jean Henri Riesener (1734-1806) did Queen Marie Antoinette's private desk for the Hameau at the Petit Trianon in Versailles.
It was the most intimate piece of the Queen. My family and I sold it to Versailles few years ago through the sponsorship of L.V.M.H and Sanofi Aventis. This piece is now back together with the inkstand that my great grandmother has donated 45 years ago without knowing we would get the desk one day. Today they are back together.

What is the unmissable art event that you go to every year? Tell us why it is that great

The Biennale in Paris brings together every two years the best art and jewels in the world. It is an international "Rendez Vous" for collectors, museum directors and curators. During two weeks, the Grand Palais is the center of attention for most luxurious collecting items. People fly from all around the world.

Image courtesy of Artshare

Describe one of your best art experiences. It could be visiting an artist studio, going to an fabulous art exhibition opening or talking to a great artist in a private gathering, etc...

My first sale by myself was 31st December 1999, with American collectors. It was important for me to be in Paris at this date to celebrate the Millennium inside the Gallery as a strong sign of my attachment to my family history.

Huanghuali Display Cabinet. (Image courtesy of Artshare) 


  • Founder of the NeXT Generation Group of Philanthropist
  • Curator of "the Final 100 days of the Year of the Dragon" a public exhibition with ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, opened 24/7 and free of charge (many millions viewers)
  • Curator of "Golden Time of the Kings" at Hullett House in Heritage 1881
  • Curator of "Great Minds Think Alike" at the Liang Yi Museum in Hong Kong
  • In charge of the Kraemer Gallery, 140th Anniversary World Tour 2015

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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