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Minimalist Design Pieces that Make a Statement

ByShuchita Kapur
Minimalist Design Pieces that Make a Statement

M.M.G.G. Vase 01 - Manuel Muñoz Gomez Gallardo

Minimalism originally started off as an art movement in the 1960s and early 1970s, and since then has become an increasingly popular way of design thinking. By stripping off all the extra and unnecessary parts of an object, minimalist design exposes the plain and true form of that object. Neutral colours in a monochromatic theme, and clean lines and contrast form the foundation of Minimalist Design works. This collection of design pieces ranges from ceramics, design objects to furniture and lighting

These design pieces are bound to make a statement in your space: 

Designed by Sanna Völker and handcrafted in Barcelona, is a low table comprising of handcrafted clay bases wih rough edges, tabletop in fenix or clear glass. Drawing references from architecture, this inspiration often manifests itself into her furniture and design objects of pure shapes. 

"Her work can be described as a search for equilibrium between rawness and refinement, harmony and intrigue. "

The neutral tone of the tablenot only blends easily into any space, improving the overall aesthetic but is also highly functional in use as perhaps a centre table or such. 

With curves like musical notes, 'Ode' is made up of 4 pieces and designed and crafted by London-based designer Tina Vlassopulos. With this work, she wanted to convey the illusion of sound. The transient qualities of the aural contrast with the silence and permanence of the material. 


"I try to impart energy and movement into my pieces whilst also instilling a sense of harmony and poise." -Tina Vlassopulos

With it's organic form, colour and sculptural composition, 'Ode' was created with the possibility of serving with a functional purpose as well. 



M.M.G.G. Vase 01 is part of a series created by Mexico-based designer Manuel Muñoz Gomez Gallardo

"He has focused on the creation of sculpture/installation that produce an aesthetic encounter and a new corporeal experience between the spectator and his surroundings."

With it's clean lines, stark contrast and monochromatic tone, the vase can transform and simplify the feel of any space. Placing foliage or flowers of subtle tones ensures that all the attention goes to the fine design of this vase, and both become complementary. 


Magnifying Vanity Mirror - Studio EXPERIMENTAL

Designed by Sabine Mezkaze Berzina and handcrafted by a team of skilled craftsmen, this is a magnifyng vanity or make-up mirror in white tinted glass. It has a unique air-bubble pattern and can be angled on two polished angle to achieve the desired angle. 

"Her design practice Studio EXPERIMENTAL merges philosophy of life with practicality and rational approach."

Being part of a series by the designers named 'Glass Art Objects', this is an object that embodies components of both art and design. The magnifying vanity mirror not only makes an aesthetic statement, but also gives functionality on an everyday-basis. 


Salt Filter Table White - Prince and Fox Studio

Designed by the Prince and Fox Studio, this table is made using Himlayan rock salt, resin and aluminum reinforcement. Inspired by the relationship between man and nature, the studio makes use of raw materials from nature to create something that can be brought into your spaces. 

"Each piece we make is an epic romance starring both matter and humankind balancing and taming one another." - Prince and Fox Studio

This table is opaque, yet transparent depending on the perspective you look at it from. Subtle tones of white coupled with the combination of matte and glossy surfaces gives birth to this beautiful, organic, and crystallised object. The table with it's timeless aesthetic adds class and simplicity to any space. 


Vertigo - Barberini & Gunnell

Vertigo is a coffee table designed the Atelier Barberini & Gunnell made using Carrara marble and the top with extra-clear glass in Italy. This table is inspired by the marble quarries in Tuscany. The use of very precious materials in their pieces ensures the timelessness of their work. 

Instead of the conventional coffee table with four legs, 'Vertigo' stands on a block of marble carved and shaped to perfection, with a top of glass so every fine detail and curve is visible to you. 

PIL01 is an interactive lighting object designed by the Singapore-based Partico Design. This is a minimalist bollard lighting with no visible light source when it is turned off. Once it is turned on, the opening at the top bends inwards to allow the light from the internal light source to shine and reflect off the bent surface. 

The neutral metallic shade along with the brutalist shape of the piece exemplifies the motto of Partico Design: "Inspired by Design, Powered by Engineering". 


 Drunk in Love - mariapaola di clemente

Drunk is Love is a multi-functional product designed by Mariapaola Di Clemente. It is a lamp as well as flower holder which can be arranged in a number of ways due to the mobility of the two marble bases. The light tube can be twisted, dropped, or left standing in an unstable balance. This piece is made using Marble Carrara Bianco, Marble Verde Alpi, an LED neon flex and polished brass. 

As functional art, this product can transform any space with it's sleek and playful design. The contrast between green foliage and the brightness of the neon flex, with the classic marble bases is bound to be noticed. 


Orbit Marble Bowl - KONSTANTIN

Made of black and white marble combined with a brass foot, Orbit Marble Bowl is designed by the London-based KONSTANTIN. The external matte surface coupled with the internal polished surface makes it ideal for food presentations and use as a centrepiece. 

"KONSTANTIN articulates today's contemporary materials and design with an artisanal touch of ‘heritage’."

The contrast between the monochromatic marble tones and metallic shine of the brass along with the bowl's gorgeous finish, ensures that this piece will bring a sophisticated touch to your home. 


Floro - Platalea Studio

'Floro' is part of a series called Silva Collectio by the Mexico City-based Platalea Studio. This collection finds sexuality in shapes and human bodies. 

The recent isolation has driven a lot of us to reflect more closely on ourselves and our bodies. The rounded top of the object bares resemblace to parts of the female and male genitalia, making us reflect on our bodies. The collection is meant to evoke erotic sensations. But besides that, it may also be used as a vase. 


We hope you enjoyed viewing this collection of minimalist design pieces. More timeless, statement-making pieces offered by the Artling can be viewed here

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