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Monochrome Works by Taiwanese Designers

Featured Pieces

Monochrome Works by Taiwanese Designers


Monochrome Works by Taiwanese Designers

Marble Mirror Forest Set (Tall+Wide) by A.m Ideas

Recently, monochromatic colour palettes are being featured increasingly in design and interiors. Monochrome can be a very simple way of bringing elegance and sophistication to a home with just the right touch of boldness. Keeping in mind, colour psychology, a monochrome theme can help create harmony in any space while elevating it's overall aesthetic and energy. Relaxing yet refreshing, monochromatic hues are easy on the eyes and are very versatile. The design pieces featured below are the work of some of the Taiwanese Designers listed here on The Artling. 


Scroll below to check out this collection of design pieces by Taiwanese Designers: 


4th Dimension Table Clock (Silver/ Dark Grey) - 22 Design Studio


Merge Pen Holder (Gray) - 22 Design Studio

22 is a Design Studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. The main foundation of all infrastructure, concrete and steel are quite often forgotten as design materials, but not by 22 studio. At 22, concrete and steel are redefined with their designs create bold and unique products. 

"At 22, we break the mold."

The matte finish of the concrete and metallic finish of the steel create stark contrast and a bold finish. Check out some more of these timepieces with a timeless aesthetic and quality by 22 Design Studio. 


Black Marble Mirror Forest (Wide) - A.M IDEAS


Tao Pendant Light - A.M IDEAS

Based in Taipei, A.M IDEAS' products are created while being inspired by the wisdom of the past and stories from our adventures. The products crafted by them are frienfly to the user, maker as well as the environment. Environment-friendly design is becoming increasingly important in today's world, which is what drives A.M IDEAS to use such environmentally-friendly materials such as marble. 

Finding the right balance between elegance and playfulness, along with the roles they play in our daily lives inspires their creations. Their items aim to bring a sense of calm, peacefulness as well as playfulness into our lives. Their mirrors not only serve a practical purpose but as we all know, marble also brings elegance and a timeless aesthetic to any space. 


Lion X LIGHTING - haoshi design


Parrot X CANDLE HOLDER - 4 Parrots - haoshi design

Haoshi is a design company established in 2009, named by the Chinese pronunciation "good thing". Their main belief is that life is beautifu. and full of beauty and interesting things. This postive outlook translates into their design, while instilling a sense of purity and peace. 

" Let the simple and exquisite detail give you a peace of mind, let good things happen!"

Haoshi believes that all we need to do is maybe view things from a different perspective, and then we will see the simplicity of this world while keeping our minds simple. Haoshi observes simple natural behaviour and translates these observations into a tangible, luxury home decoration. 


Table Clock - no.30


Astro Candle Stick Holder - no.30

no. 30 is a brand with roots that run deep into a family-run zinc alloy foundry in Changhua, Taiwan. no.30 works with international designers and creative talent to offer an alternative perspective that explores the relationship between objects and their users.

Everyday objects become personal and unique through how, where and with whom they are used.


Crescent Pendent- Foggy Black - Xcellent Design


Spark-10 - Xcellent Design

Xcellent Design is a design driven brand manufacturer. While keeping in mind creativity, innovation, aesthetics and lifestyle, Xcellent design generates products with the perfect balance functionality, practicality and style and aesthetic. 

"In between of technology and human, we desire to make the better"

With a minimalist design, these products will meet the demands of your contemporary life, while providing both comfort and practicality. 


Wave and Tray - Hevo Deco


Wave and Tray - Hevo Deco

Hevo Deco is a home furnishing brand with over 25 years of experience in metal work. Created by designers inspired by architectural compositions, and crafted by master metal craftsmen, Hevo Deco manufactures solutions for office desk organization. They create desirable modern home living products and pleasing office objects from plain materials, as well as various other products.


Mountainstone lamp - CELEMENT LAB



CELEMENT LAB is a product design studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. CELEMENT LAB aims to create functional daily supplies and objects with a touch of humour. The main material used by them is the perfect mixture of cement and silicon. The objects look as though they have a hard surface but on touching, you realize it's actually soft! A new experience comes to life as vision and touch contrast in CELEMENT LAB's products.  


We hope you liked viewing these design pieces by Taiwanese designers, and that they opened you up to the idea of monochromatic design in your space. The Artling offers a wide variety of design pieces by designers from all over the world - you may view more design pieces here

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