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New and Noteworthy: October 2022

ByJenevieve Kok
New and Noteworthy: October 2022

Vault VIII - Calico by Bodhi Del Mar

With Summer gone and Autumn upon us, there's a chill in the air as the season of Fall begins. But The Artling's latest artworks in October are filled with warm yellow, orange, and red hues to warm up your walls. From abstract paintings to surrealist photography and geometric NFTs, we present some of our newest noteworthy artworks for October 2022. 

Scroll down to find out more about our top picks! 

Martin Ecker

German artist Martin Ecker began his artistic work as a musician at the age of 14, later adding performance and acting until he began to explore painting, photography, and video art. He is a German photographer and painter who has devoted much of his practice to understanding the reaction of chance and intention. His fascination with experimenting with reactive processes is of great importance: observation, action and reaction, and staging. Martin has also developed unique methods such as the use of living organisms in photography or oxidation processes in painting. Space, time and light are recurring themes in his works. 

Marin's abstract paintings seem to capture the endless pursuit of their own source of power rather than any deep, eternal meaning, and this is illustrated in TAPISSERIE. He engages in a constant proliferation of affective intensities and vibrating traces. Real silver, real gold, false silver, and false gold dissolve in their imitation to form rhythmically shimmering colour landscapes pulsating with nuanced gradations, scorchings and abrasions. The physicality of the coagulated colour requires tactile vision. 

Cappello & Martello

Cappello & Martello is an Italian lifestyle and accessories label specialising in leather products. The brand was founded by Italian product and fashion designer Luca Paglia during his residence in Hong Kong. 'Cappello' means hat, while 'Martello' means hammer; these are tools on Luca's head and in his hand. His research and audacity combine craftsmanship with a creative flair. Focusing on Italian high-quality leather goods, Luca's designs are inspired by his passion for his home in Sicily: its vibrant colours, history, and the joyousness of Sicilian people. Each piece is conceived to give a unique experience of craftsmanship in the fusion of perky and contemporary aesthetics. In this NFT, Targa Florio conveys the warm Sicilian atmosphere through a digital language. For Luca's brand, this is the first time that he has ventured into the virtual world and has animated an artwork that was initially conceptualised to be crafted in leather.

Yeachin Tsai

New York artist Yeachin Tsai received her BFA at National Taiwan Normal University and her MFA at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. She is known for her rhythmic forms and decisive brush marks made with a certainty rooted in Chinese calligraphy, and the infinite time and space dynamics of Chinese painting. Yeachin paints and layers ink, acrylic, and oil on paper, canvas, wood, and fabric. She generates tension with the intimate scale of the smaller paintings and their colossal internal energy. The artist's large-scale paintings use big brushwork to draw the viewer in and then explode joyously with energetic colour and invigorating mark-making. Her subjects cover both the visible (objects, patterns, symbols) and the unseen (force, emotion, momentum). In Fall Foliage, Yeachin expresses the beauty of the autumn foliage and the change of scenery and moods. 

Crispin Holder

After studying his Bachelor in Fine Art (Honours) in the mid-1990s, British artist Crispin Holder worked for several years in the graphic design and print-making industries. Although this was immensely rewarding, he always wanted to return to his first passion of painting. Crispin decided to return to his studio full-time in 2015. He's since exhibited successfully in and around London and has sold studio pieces and commissioned paintings to both private and corporate collectors worldwide. Crispin's interest lies in the definition of form and the application of colour theory to create intriguing and challenging compositions. His thought process is inspired by everyday visual experiences, a sense of place and time, and the idiosyncratic nature of human observation. Crispin's hand-painted compositions are a celebration of colour, form, and technical excellence. His precise paintings are highly methodical and process-heavy in visual complexity and physical execution. As an artist, Crispin is a meticulous perfectionist. He strives to achieve complete accuracy with every line, angle and edge on his canvases, resulting in stunning paintings that must be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. All of Crispin's works are conceived and drawn on paper before being painted by hand onto canvas or board. Particular attention is then paid to the finer details of edge definition and tonal consistency until the paintings are as flawless as can be achieved. His methods result in bold, striking images with the intention of provoking the viewer to question what they see, bringing visual pleasure and igniting individual reflection.

Mila Weis

Mila Weis lives and works as a visual artist in Germany. Inspired by the creativity of nature, her works are full of lightness and poetry. Each painting represents a great scope for an exploration of the line and the colour field. The German artist is fascinated by experiencing the process of change in the colours on the painting surface, as the colours run into each other, overlap, pulsate, and breathe. She attaches great importance to the energetic potential of each work. Her art enters into a perfect symbiosis of harmony and disturbance, wherein lies a sensual pleasure.

The Beginning 2 explores the theme of "flow" by means of the energy of colour, its movement, superimposition, and fusion. Mila's work is compelling with her chosen colour combinations, which flow into a strong composition. The transformation of colour fields and forms play a decisive role in the project, as the colour gradients create pulsating energy in constant flow and give a seemingly random expression of compositions. It shows an intense moment completely in the here and now, the exhilarating feeling of complete oneness with oneself and the world.

Ketki Fadnis

Ketki Fadnis is an artist from Pune, India who works in a variety of media such as acrylic, watercolour, and collage. As a self-taught artist, she believes that painting is an intriguingly personal process. Describing her genre of work, she finds inspiration primarily from nature and its creations. Ketki's intuitive style involves mark-making, shapes, and patterns over abstract backgrounds. Her paintings are impressions of life experiences, memories, imaginations, and observations of nature, creating her own visual vocabulary. For the artist, painting is meditative and helps her to express and balance. 

Diana Avkhadieva

Russian artist Diana Avkhadieva was born in Kazan in 1991 and currently lives in Moscow. Her multifold practice spans photography, film, painting, mixed media, and digital artworks. First is part of her project "Grandmother's Flowers", a personal project which is inspired by the life of her grandmother. In honouring her memory, Diana expresses her grandmother's love for growing flowers, and the love and care she poured into her garden. For the artist, this project is not about sadness; it is about the celebration of the joy of life and new birth. In this NFT, Diana uses the work as a symbol of digital infinity and a passage into a new universe - a new form of life.

Shyun Song

Born and educated in South Korea, Shyun Song moved to the United States in 1989. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Education from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea. After moving to New York in 2000, she studied at the Art Students League of New York with William Scharf. For the artist, painting is not merely an aesthetic endeavour, but it is also an existential one. Life is the overarching theme of her painting, and Shuyun hopes to share her observations in a simple yet layered way through her artworks. In Encounter, Shyun begins with the delineation of a subject, which usually becomes the title of the painting. The delineation is succinct in order to capture the essence of the subject. She lets her intuition dictate a geometric composition by applying her own symbolic logic. The lines, shapes, angles, and placements are formed, and the colour scheme follows. While executing it on canvas, she often finds herself instinctively improvising along the way to achieve its aesthetic value. 

Bodhi Del Mar

Bodhi Del Mar is a visual artist based in her mountainside home studio in Gold Coast, Australia. After studying commercial photography and working in the industry for 10 years, Bodhi deep-dived into a creative cocoon and relaunched as an independent artist in 2014. With photography as her springboard, she continues to experiment with a wide range of media to develop her own unique art practice; including composite photography, cold glass, vinyl, stencilling, and painting. Her whimsical and metaphorical artworks often speak to both her outer and inner world experiences, using colour and recurring symbols to represent the human psyche.

Kloska Ovidiu

Romanian artist Kloska Ovidiu is constantly fascinated with the dynamism of shape and how it opens up in a unique way. He believes that uniqueness begins with the very capacity of inventing a universe out of things shattered by time; things that have changed into ephemerality. Kloska often spends hours staring at the mud, the wrinkles of the trees, and the rust of walls damaged by time. It is an exercise that he believes everybody should do. To him, it means worming the spirit, getting in touch with the sublime. The artist is connected to silence and endless time during short moments between things. Kloska's artistic style relates to dreams, the unconsciousness, delirium, hallucination, the change of shape and light, spontaneity, illusion, and the antithesis between the abnormal and normal. 

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