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New In: Artworks for Summer

ByJenevieve Kok
New In: Artworks for Summer

Feuillage - Christian Vidal

The warm embrace of summer often symbolizes the untethered carefreeness of youth. It is this spirit that sparks artists' creativity and fuels their artistic expression through a variety of mediums. By experiencing their environments, artists capture the liveliness, energy, and vibrancy of summer in their work.

This week, The Artling brings you some of our newly listed artworks for the summer that will add vibrance to any space!

Joy of Life I by Heidi Lanino


Joy of Life I - Heidi Lanino

“Joy of Life I” by Heidy Lanino references Matisse’s Bonheur de Vivre, a landscape painting that is often described as one of Matisse’s greatest Fauve works. Here, Lanino creates rhythmic compositions through her expressive lines and shapes, while combining both figurative and abstract elements in her painting.

"My use of color is responsive only to emotional expression and the formal needs of the canvas, not the realities of nature."

Rbt-20 by H-Nguyen


Rbt-20 - H-Nguyen

“Rbt-20” by H-Nguyen was painted in the style of traditional Chinese landscape paintings. He imitates by the movement of water falling on the canvas, and his abstract brushstrokes give a sense of fluidity and serenity

"I express myself through vivid colors and powerful musical strokes. My paintings usually draw spectators into an unknown and timeless space. I use painting as a way to meditate; my paintings evoke unknown sources of energy and harmony deep from the soul, so they may help you find yours by observing them."

Sisters not Twins (14) by Tarini Ahuja


Sisters not Twins (14) - Tarini Ahuja

“Sisters not Twins (14)” by Tarini Ahuja provides the viewer with a sense of positivity and peace. She aims to create a space for solace and reflection - an escape from the mundane. Ahuja’s handling of paint is intended to cause an effect of puzzlement to the viewer through her choice of colors; the contrast between thin and thick brushstrokes; and her deliberate use of shadows to create visual trickery.

"I use acrylic paints as I feel that it is a versatile medium that allows me to experiment with the materiality of the paint. My colour palette moves from pristine whites, clerical greys, sensitive blues and garden greens to dusty, earthy shades, chaotic hues and dramatic contrasts."

MADRAS or opposite bayadères by Christian Vidal


MADRAS or opposite bayadères - Christian Vidal

“MADRAS or opposite bayadères” by French artist Christan Vidal was made with acrylic ink on strips of gummed paper and glued to drawing paper. Two overlapping bayadères, or fabrics, are arranged to create a checkerboard effect when it is viewed both horizontally and vertically. This colorful composition was inspired by the Indian fabrics of Madras, modern-day Chennai. 

"Although of classical training, I have evolved my pictorial practice towards a figurative abstraction marked by serenity and poetry"

Untitled (1280-16) by Tássia Bianchini


Untitled (1280-16) - Tássia Bianchini

“Untitled (1280-16)” by Brazilian artist Tássia Bianchini. Bianchini's conjures the spirit of summer through her bright yellow and red abstract brushstrokes.

"After my studies, I turned the focus of my interests towards visual arts and literature, especially research on abstract expressionism, photography, poetry and reflections on motion, time, and space."

Bluebells by Diana Malivani


Bluebells - Diana Malivani

"Bluebells" is a richly colored oil painting by Diana Malivani. For the Russian artist, the flowers represent an inexhaustible source of inspiration; when they are 'grown' on canvases, its beauty that should awaken an awareness in our sould of the unity of all things hidden from us by time. Her deep affinity to nature is shown here through the serene blossoming flowers amid a resplendent field.

"A principal goal of artists depicting flowers is to convey the aroma of a painted flower, its unique soul."

Life by Chaitali Chatterjee


Life - Chaitali Chatterjee

“Life” by Chaitali Chatterjee is an oil painting that resembles long traditional scrolls. Chatterjee was inspired by the countryside in Eastern Indian state of Bengal, which is known for its strong artistic traditions. 

"I developed an interest in painting at an early age through rangoli (traditional designs made on the floor and walls in Bengal)."

Mermaid in Ibiza I by Viet Ha Tran


Mermaid in Ibiza I - Viet Ha Tran

"Mermaid in Ibiza I" is a ethereal, idyllic photograph on fine art paper taken by Viet Ha Tran. The Madrid-based Vietnamese artist started her artistic career in 2013 first with fine art photography, then in 2018 with acrylic abstract paintings.

Abstract foliages in the light by Fabienne Monestier


Abstract foliages in the light - Fabienne Monestier

Bright yellow hues dominate this canvas of "Abstract foliages in the light". French artist Fabienne Monestier attempts to represent the idea of nature in a semi-abstract way in this oil painting.

"In this gestural, spontaneous painting, the eye is lost in shapes and profusion; it reconstitutes an undergrowth, a garden, a whole vegetable, and a luminous world."

Coco de Mer # III, 2019 by Nabiha & Thom

"Coco de Mer # III, 2019" by Nabiha & Thom is a photographic print on hahnemühle fine art baryta 325 grams paper that celebrates the magic and uniqueness of nature in an abstract and surreal photographic style. The German-based artist couple were inspired by the palm tree species Coco de Mer, a highly endangered species that grows in Seychelles. 

"Through the aesthetics of our works, we hope to reawaken the love of nature in the viewer; through the joy of art, we hope to remind viewers about our connectedness to nature, because we (humans) protect what we love and cherish!"

The Jungle by Shan Jiang 


The Jungle - Shan Jiang

"The Jungle" by Shan Jiang is a vibrantly colored giclee print on hahnemuhle paper rag 308gsm paper. His works transcend the boundary between fine art and illustration. In this immaculately detailed and captivating work, Shan creates a fantasy world with vivid colors. This is a fun piece filled with interesting details; the more you look at it, the more you discover and are amused by his creativity.

"I constantly explore and develop my visual language and style to express my personal and visual experiences."

beauty of nature by Sanjeewa Nissanka


beauty of nature by Sanjeewa Nissanka

"beauty of nature" is an oil painting by Sri Lankan artist Sanjeewa Nissanka. The brilliant burst of green immerses the viewer in the wild brush of a dense rainforest and gives one an adventurous sensation of the tropics. 

"I try to feel the coolness, beauty, and gracefulness of nature through this painting"

Acid Bloom - 15 by Mika Ninagawa


Acid Bloom - 15 - Mika Ninagawa

"Acid Bloom - 15" is C-print mounted on Plexiglas by Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa. Ninagawa masterfully captures the innocence and joy of summer through a silent but vividly colored aesthetic.

"The moment I feel like a plant, or like a bug landing on a flower, I release the shutter. When I'm not in this heightened state, I may shoot a beautiful flower beautifully, but that is all. For me, the process of photographing a flower is something more, something that goes beyond the flower."

We hope you liked our list of bright and vibrant artworks for summer! If you would like to browse more of our newest artworks, check out our curated art collection. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, you can have a look at our art consultancy services, or chat with our expert curators on any product page.

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