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New In Artworks: March 2022

ByIsabella Damrongkul
New In Artworks: March 2022

Fleelings by Hong Leung

This March we are excited to share with you a selection of great new artworks on The Artling. As the weather gets warmer, add new artworks to your space to create the perfect collection just in time for spring. From vibrant sculptures and paintings to calming photographs, our new in artworks are great for all spaces.

Browse through our newest addition and explore our diverse range of works to create your spring art collection!

Intruder I, 2019 by Clint McDowell is part of the artist’s ‘Intruder’ project, an introspective series that explores perception borders, traditional dogmas and absurd hyperboles. The artist adopts his usual methods which include appropriation art, heavy yet minimal postproduction and an elegant approach. The piece poses the question, “is our inner eye suspended in our dimension or where? Is it ours or is it an intruder?”

Scribble Mirror (Vertical, Yellow Mirror) by Ryan Coleman is inspired by classic cartoons and abstract expressionist paintings. The artist’s works combine gestural drawings and paintings with carefully rendered elements inspired by classic animation. Coleman intertwines bold shapes, scribbles and vivid color schemes, reimagining entirely new compositions in a unique, distinct way.

Rwendo is an astounding piece by Tamary Kudita, a photographer from Zimbabwe. Kudita is drawn to the Victorian period because of its dynamic, elaborate fashion of the period. The complex layers of the undergarment, the corsets, the bustles and the general dress etiquette translated as a form of armor. Her works investigate the legacy of colonialism, delving into the history of the post-colonial identity.

Serene Reality in the Woods by Bonnie Severien paints modern, mid-century architecture placed in a world of magnified plants. The leaves and flowers symbolize hope, growth and prosperity. The hope that the painting oozes emanates from the lights in the background, little rays of hope shining on good times to come as well as memories. The painting transports the viewer to a dreamscape, a different and sublime reality we sometimes want to escape to.

Psychedelic Vision by Dominic Virtosu provokes the visual cortex on many levels. The painting is a work that questions the concept of ‘what is real’ through the deliberate distortion of the painting of the cactus. The juxtaposing colors and the choice of colors used for the cactus takes the viewer into an alternate universe of consciousness. The almost photographic precision is also a subtle nod to the rise of AI and its ability to create surreal colorful landscapes.

Plan Pink by Michelle House is part of the Plan Series consisting of three hand-printed artworks. The piece is hand-printed in layers of varying opacity onto linen and using textile printing techniques and photography, the artist combines the use of color with texture to hint at surfaces with architectural details, geometric forms of structures and the voids in between.

Sleeping Beauty by Irina Shadrina captures Italy from above. The artist is moved by how beautiful it is from space in a necklace of lights and surrounded by the dark blue expanse of the seas. The piece is about geography, celebrating the beauty of the land and the Earth. It is about travel and borders, the mysteries of the night and the magic of light.

Flowery Years by Shuai Ying demonstrates the artist’s many artistic mediums and expressions that span the East and the West to carry out an experimental creation that is constantly transcending. In Shuai Ying’s works, the traditional oriental introverted temperament is abstracted in a western way, and in this collision, the final result is a new art style that combines the passionate and dynamic western impression with the warm and subtle oriental charm.

Rainy Night by Tran Tuan was inspired by his feeling about the beauty of the night rain. It is the magical beauty of the sparkling blue raindrops reflecting the streetlights and the lights radiating from homes. The painting depicts the blur and beauty of a rainy night that brings a strange and unusual feeling that makes you feel lost in another world, a world filled with fanciful sounds and colors like childhood dreams.

Ferus-tremere by Cosmoselector is an animated burst of color that will add positive energy to your space. The piece is part of a collection of geological samples of exoplanets. Each of the pieces in this collection is inspired by the game of imagining the possible shapes, textures and colors of the planets that exist in space that will always remain a mystery to us.

Untitled (black & white) by Andrew Hardy was influenced by 20th-century abstract modernist painters. The artist’s work uses abstract language to explore materiality repetition, gesture and chance. The artist connects with his materials during his painting process making his paintings a product of a moving performance. The finished work is a record of his journey making his paintings their own subject matter.

Synchrony by Macarena Salinas Amaral captures the secret of the moment of working. The action of working is revealed in her pieces making work a part of all her pieces. The artist is interested in the magic that the piece of art acquires as it becomes independent from the artist and seduces and be appreciated by others.

Tropical Cave of Zeus by Daniel Arsham is the artist’s second print edition with legendary print studio Brand X Editions in New York City. This edition is based on a painting made by the artist rendered in varying tones of chiaroscuro sepia. The print is a beautiful piece created from 28 individual silkscreens on archival 100% cotton paper.

Browse the whole collection here.

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