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New Artworks For Your Collection: June 2022

ByKaren Yu
New Artworks For Your Collection: June 2022

Rhythm of Summer by Tran Tuan

June brings flourishing summer with endless sunny days and the indulgence of vibrant beaches and cooling waves. The Artling presents our newly added artworks for June 2022 that range from photographic prints and abstract paintings to sculptures.

Indulge a feast for the eyes and soul in June’s heatwave our selection for this month!

What is summer without the beach? Ripple Beach by Annabelle Shelton instills fun and leisure as figures of beachgoers scatter throughout the cream-colored sand, each to their individual ways of relaxation facing the unseen but implied ocean ahead. This figurative landscape sets a scene of summer that serves as a reminder of enjoyment and refreshment.

Placing an emphasis on color, Max Lawrence White illustrates a bold geometric color-blocking set to embrace disharmony and the suppressed boundaries of hues and tones. Untitled #6 domesticates the contrast of colors to provoke a sense of the unexpected and aims to challenge the viewer’s preconceived notion of harmonious color interaction. White aims to challenge conventional approaches to art-making by leaving behind the foundations of historical and theoretical baggage, ultimately celebrating and embracing the essence of color.


As the title suggests, Emergence by Seda Saar emerges with confidence in striking neons, radiating exuberant energy through the canvas. As part of the Chroma series, Saar explores the relationship between light, color, and architecture by orchestrating a monolith of fluorescent colors to evoke a sensorial experience for her viewers.

A delve into photographic experimentation, Martin Ogolter is fascinated with transformation and shifting in the process of imagery printing. untitled(Stardust B036) delivers abstraction through its photographic documentation via an iPad screen of flowers draped in a block of ice that’s placed on a mirror and its process of thawing in the sunlight. Capturing the macro details of vibrant flower fleshes and droplets formed on the surface elicits the freshness of the present for when the present is now the past. 

27°42' 26.32'' N, 7°42' 26.32'' W-4 extends the idea of intimate narratives through dramatic composition and the limitations of thematic terms used to describe spaces. Paola Dávila uses photography to articulate theoretical notions of what makes situations complex and expressive in their residual anecdotes. The monochromatic yet contrasting blues make for scenery that provokes deep contemplation in the cooling rush of tidal waves.

An innocent yet lively work of Tran Tuan illustrates the essence of summer. The burning colors of reds, yellows, blues, and greens spread in an abstract manner retaining the fond anecdote of rhythmic chirping of cicadas and birds as well as the warm environment of the sun, flowers, and abundant blue sea. Rhythm of Summer truly is the visual excerpt of the summer, hot and radiant!

Undercurrent by Paul Stein takes a nod at the underwater realm as he integrates the interaction of quirky aquatic shapes with a kinetic functionality. This sculpture stands tall and bold with fluid forms in blue painted with auto lacquer and a suspended yellow plate nestled within the composition, ultimately serving as an abstract expression of the aquatic atmosphere.

Get a feel for a sensual summer with Red Glow no.3 by Jules Julien, a fluorescent red pair of hands shows up as an articulation of desire and violence. This monochromatic print doused itself in scorching red and situates itself in a series that documents alternate scenes to bring out the intensity of feelings that punches through its composition and subject.

Deep Sea Dance makes for a groovy statement as George Hall takes great inspiration from the 60s and 70s era of abstract impressionism. The fluidity of colors and movement harmoniously intermingle, mimicking the act of dancing to the music of that era. Hall engages in semi-tropical color palettes to create calming yet whimsical works, heavily inspired by rural and urban life in Australia.

Gonzalo Contreras del Solar captures nature’s art-making in Yerba Loca, Santiago in 0972-09_2 - Yerba Loca - Santiago - Chile. The consequential abstract composition formed by tainted water running down the dirt road that imitated cigarette smoke as recounted by Solar. Rich in texture and movement, this earthy piece makes for a restless but leisurely oasis. 

If you've enjoyed our selection of new artworks in June, browse more of our collection here!

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