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New in December: Artworks for the Festive Season


New in December: Artworks for the Festive Season
Autumn Explosion - Javier Santana (Available on The Artling)

This week, The Artling has put together 10 of our newest artworks for the festive season. For these artists, colour has played a significant role in their creations, deliberately combing or limiting their palette to illustrate their artistic processes. Their skillful blend of shades and hues have culminated in a series of bright and beautiful artworks. From abstract to nature, these artworks are filled with festive colours that will definitely brighten up any space!

Gold Waves by Giulia Madonia


Gold Waves - Giulia Madonia (Available on The Artling)

Gold Waves is a hand-crafted wall sculpture by Giulia Madonia that was inspired by the fluid shape of organic textures observed in nature. Once it has dried, the modelling is infused with epoxy resin and completely covered with gold leaf. Giulia then used Jewish bitumen over the metal leaf to give the relief an distressed, ancient look, warming up the overall shade of gold at the same time. The Italian artist focuses on incorporating organic textures such as wood, bark, or the shape of a rock in her artworks. She is also inspired by a city's landscape, such as the uneven cobblestones or the textures of a peeling crackled wall. She enjoys playing with patina on metal finishes as the oxidation is always unpredictable, giving a distinctive element to each piece.

Vies Communes by Marie-Pierre Autonne 


Vies Communes - Marie-Pierre Autonne (Available on The Artling)

'Vies Communes' is a vibrant mixed media painting on wood by Marie-Pierre Autonne. The French artist experiments with colours and incorporates her fascination about the idea of freedom and fate. She overlaps colours and mixes them as she paints, following the rhythm of her brushstrokes and technique. The result of which is a consequence of an approach that is void of a particular goal, but one that presents the seamless blend and understanding of colour.

Bleed # 202051 by Paul Snell


Bleed # 202051 - Paul Snell (Available on The Artling)

'Bleed # 202051' is a chromogenic print by Paul Snell who combines traditional and digital techniques to explore the possibilities of abstraction and minimalism. His process begins by capturing a location or an object on film with a traditional camera. He then digitally “decodes” the visual information present in that image. After reducing and simplifying the colours and forms, he begins an intensive “re-coding” process, during which the reduced formal elements of the work evolve their own self-referential relationships within a new composition. This process blurs the boundary between “taking” and “making” a photograph. When the digital composition is complete, Paul converts it into a chromogenic print using the Lambda printing system, which allows luminous photographic printing on metallic paper.

Autumn Explosion by Javier Santana


Autumn Explosion - Javier Santana (Available on The Artling)

'Autumn Explosion' is a bright yellow acrylic painting by Javier Santana. The Madrid-based artist refers to his works as his "Emotional Landscapes" of abstract themes in vibrant colour, which serves as a way to communicate his innermost thoughts and feelings. 

The Cascade by Jane Peng


The Cascade - Jane Peng (Available on The Artling)

'The Cascade' is one of Jane Peng's latest abstract works. Originally from Hong Kong, the London-based artist had pursued a career in hospitality real estate before a series of serendipitous events resulted in the launch of her art career. A key theme of Jane's works is the exploration of landscapes - not the physical landscapes that surround us, but the landscapes of our inner world. From the artist's perspective, to live is to open ourselves up to all sorts of encounters; some of which are delightful and empowering, whilst others are more hurtful and corrosive. The intensely personal experiences and emotions that we experience leave their mark on our mental state, and we often struggle to describe it in words. Thus, Jane turns to the canvas for answers, painting abstractions of mental landscapes.

The Fire Dragon by Javiera Estrada


The Fire Dragon - Javiera Estrada (Available on The Artling)

Photographer Javiera Estrada carefully orchestrated flower arrangements are all shot underwater using coloured dyes, inks, and paints to create fictitious botanical gardens in 'The Fire Dragon'. Her images are set in an alternate universe where deep in the seas of salt water, a confluence of unique bouquets of flora, and bursts of colour form a new landscape.

"A seeker of the spiritual, I believe that every piece of art created is a self-portrait, a physical expression of that inner nameless world our soul inhabits."


Solar Flare by Laura Porcelli


Solar Flare - Laura Porcelli (Available on The Artling)

'Solar Flare' by Laura Porcelli is an acrylic painting that intensifies the value of a fraction within fragments. The Argentinian artist references the sun, its power, and energy and all the events it causes. She uses texture and layers to explore the sun's movement and light in nature. Each layer and segment has its own intensity and trajectory, producing a painting of movement.

My Dream of Flying to Wake Island by Baldvin Ringsted


My Dream of Flying to Wake Island  - Baldvin Ringsted (Available on The Artling)

My Dream of Flying to Wake Island by Baldvin Ringsted is an oil painting of nature that sits within geometric stripes. The canvas is mounted on a carved-out board, which adds a three-dimensional plane and also serves as counterpoint in its rhythmic construction.

"I like to bring together the warm, innocent, and nostalgic feel of a "thrift store" painting against the calculated modern approach to construct the final piece."


River Guard by Ivana Olbricht


River Guard - Ivana Olbricht (Available on The Artling)

'River Guard' is a bright blue abstract painting by Ivana Olbricht. The Slovakian artist is known for her bold abstract works in which she spontaneous layers colours and fills them with texture and movement. Ivana graduated from analytical chemistry but eventually exchanged her lab for a studio. She sees the world as a spectrum of colours, breaking the reality into the pieces and looking under the surface to highlight important fragments. 

Field of Green by Heidi Thompson



Field of Green - Heidi Thompson (Available on The Artling)

'Field of Green' by Heidi Thompson celebrates the soothing simplicity of the colour green, whilst conjuring a sense of mystery. This minimal painting glows from its centre and vibrates with energy. The artwork was built up using thousands of delicate lines, dots, and flecks applied with a small fan brush and stick. Its surface has a slight texture that adds tactility, a sense of matter, earth, and nature. 

We hope you've enjoyed discovering 10 of our latest artworks that are filled with colours that are fit for any festive season. Browse our wide selection of contemporary artworks here. You can also have a look at our specially curated artwork collections here. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, you can have a look at our art consultancy services, or chat with our expert curators on any page.

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