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New Design Items in December


New Design Items in December
Lentil Vases - František Jungvirt (Available on The Artling)

This week, The Artling has put together a collection of 10 of our newest designs for December. These talented designers showcase their artistic approach and understanding through their textured pieces, bold colours, and unique forms. This collection of our newly listed pieces ranges from delicate design objects to elegant furniture and lighting pieces that will spruce up any space with their sleek lines and splashes of colour! 

Vanitas_Early *blue by Studio B Severin


Vanitas_Early *blue - Studio B Severin (Available on The Artling)

The Vanitas_Early*blue is an elegant vase by Berlin-based Studio B Severin. The piece represents both beauty and youth and serves as a reminder of the brevity of life. In their Vanitas collection, the colour and shape of each vase are inspired by the transformation process undertaken by a bouquet of flowers. To the designers, objects are extensions one's body and mind, and making this connection explicit is the aim of their design approach. 

"Revealing the relationships between people and objects is the aim of our approach. It allows us to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture - a complex system - we belong to and live in."

Alorian Sofa by Serife Altan


Alorian Sofa - Serife Altan (Available on The Artling)

Serife Altan is a multidisciplinary product designer based in Izmir, Turkey and has been an independent designer since 2016. Her 'Alorian Sofa' was inspired by Gustav Klimt's painting called 'The Kiss'. She examined and adopted the visual duality of the painting and infused it into her striking green sofa. They utilised the dynamics of painting to create the contrast of the soft upholstery fabric and the distinctive brass patterns.

Fragment(s), medium, No. 52 by Julie and Jesse


Fragment(s), medium, No. 52 - Julie and Jesse (Available on The Artling)

'Fragment(s), medium, No. 52' is part of Julie and Jesse's Fragments collection, which is made up of porcelain vases. The Hong Kong-based designers designed these vases with the intent to capture history. They developed unique casting techniques to seize direct impressions of the piles of broken moulds they found in the Chinese capital of porcelain, Jingdezhen. The particular process used to make each piece results in an unrepeatable, unique shape. 

Wave City Black Edition by Mousarris


Wave City Black Edition - Mousarris (Available on The Artling)

'Wave City Black Edition' is a statement coffee table by Cyprus-based designer Mousarris. The contemporary table takes on a slim and stylish matt black form. Beyond its smooth curve lies a dark city, reminiscent of a neo-noir atmosphere filled with dramatic shadows, and patterns. The elegant black edition features a robust steel frame allowing a fictional skyline to rest folded in place. 

Compositional Copper by Jeongseob Kim


Compositional Copper - Jeongseob Kim (Available on The Artling)

'Compositional Copper' is a sleek copper bench with a transparent finish by Seoul-based designer Jeongseob Kim. The South Korean designer focuses on natural materials and believes they should first be processed by hand. During his studies in both London and Seoul, he was able to gain a deeper understanding of the Eastern and Western cultures, infusing cross-cultural experiences into his designs. 

Mia low vase by Mason Editions


Mia low vase - Mason Editions (Available on The Artling)

The 'Mia low vase' is by Italian design studio Mason Editions. The decisive impression of the vase is provided by the contrast created between the soft lines of its red base and its structured perforated metal sheet. This elegant contrast is further highlighted by the squared pattern of brass and nickel sheet, while its base is painted with opaque colours that retain a strong materiality.

Steel and stone console table 02 by Batten and Kamp


Steel and stone console table 02 - Batten and Kamp (Available on The Artling)

'Steel and stone console table 02' is an chic industrial table by Batten and Kamp. The design duo is a creative partnership between interior architect Alexandra Batten and designer Daniel Kamp. The New Zealand born, Hong Kong based duo create one of-a-kind furniture, objects, and spaces. Their sculptural furniture and objects are made one at a time by the designers themselves in a converted factory space between a densely jungled mountain and a bustling port at the edge of Hong Kong Island.

Carolina Sideboard by Fuschini


Carolina Sideboard - Fuschini (Available on The Artling)

The Carolina Sideboard was inspired by furniture design from Brazil. The minimal brown sideboard has clean block shape with a vertical slat that hides the door, creating the impression of a single piece. Fuschini was founded by two architects Sara Oom de Sousa and Vasco Lima Mayer. They have always dreamed of producing furniture, and they finally put their dreams into action in 2018. Realising that it was difficult to find affordable, high quality, and original furniture in Europe, they were motivated to create their own studio to fill this gap. 


LENTIL VASE PURPLE WHITE by František Jungvirt


LENTIL VASE PURPLE WHITE - František Jungvirt (Available on The Artling)

'LENTIL VASE PURPLE WHITE' is part of František Jungvirt's collection of blended pastel shades and tones. František is a glass artist, designer, and glass painter based in Prague. His creations mostly focus on the classic processes of Czech glassmaking, which he associates with new impulses. He tries to move beyond the technical and visual boundaries of the glass design.

ANOTHER - TABLE LAMP by Square in Circle Studio


ANOTHER – TABLE LAMP - Square in Circle Studio (Available on The Artling)

'ANOTHER – TABLE LAMP' by London-based Square in Circle Studio is a marble base table lamp with a rounded projecting arm and topped with an unusual metal shade. The studio explores lighting design in minimal, geometric forms inspired by the Modernist era. They combine materials such as marble, metal, and glass to make each sculptural piece a total and complete work of art, as is the manner of the Gesamtkunstwerk concept.

We hope you enjoyed viewing our most recent additions of contemporary design pieces. Here on The Artling, we have a wide range of collectible design that you can browse here. You can also check out our specially curated design collection here.

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