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Tasteful & Stylish Design Pieces For Your Space | New In July 2020


Tasteful & Stylish Design Pieces For Your Space | New In July 2020
Anahit Pogosian's Ceramic Vessels

This week, The Artling has put together some of our new design pieces to decorate your home. Design is something we encounter every day and can only bring aesthetic features to your space. From ceramics, minimalist furniture to design objectsthese talented designers showcase a variety of their work, standing out from the crowd due to their many unique characteristics. 

Check out 10 of our newly-listed design pieces, to add a sense of taste and style into your space!


 Lost & Found, Wound & Bound: Vessel 003 - Jessica Philips

This design object by Jessica Phillip is a stoneware vessel in matte black wound with dark blue thread. Jessica’s ceramic work focuses on cultivating a quiet purity of form with a nod to the strong decisive lines of the industrial machinery she grew up with in her father’s workshop.

"I seek to illuminate the subtlety of human interactions, to highlight the tension between our physical separateness and our emotional connectedness."

Her ceramics bring together the soft elegance of wheel-thrown forms with contrasting stark graphic surfaces.

Minimalist Brazilian armchair "Sandra" - Samuel Lamas

    This award-winning minimalist armchair in steel, solid wood and leather is designed with Classic and geometric reasoning by  Brazilian Designer Samuel Lamas. The continuity of the structural lines suggests fluidity. The backrest allows a smooth movement and just like the seat, it stands out from the main structure to ensure maximum lightness. This contemporary design item is made to order in São Paulo, Brazil.


    Divaar screen - Kam Ce Kam

    Divaar’ meaning ‘Wall’ in Hindi, is a room divider or dressing room piece which combines soft curves with mirrored, timber and cane sections to provide a gentle separation between spaces. Inspired by a combination of a traditional screen and modern-day dressing room piece, the design incorporates multiple functionalities whilst adding a statement to any space. From the material to the making, the story of Kam Ce Kam is one of passion and integrity, coupled with a genuine desire to revive the heritage of Indian craft.


     Picture - Shinya Oguchi

    Picture” is a flower vase designed by Shinya Oguchi. It was previously created twice: The first version was unstable because of the shape. The second version was too ideal to make so that is was impossible to make a large number of products. Finally, this third model was created and clearly can use it as a daily home accessory!

    "Magma Vase" is a glass piece by Jitka Skuhrava. This Magma Vase is made of dark red solid glass. Direct light makes the beauty of the massive red glass stand out.

    "Molten glass naturally flows down and forms itself into soft rounded shapes. It is in fact a red hot liquid similar to magma. As well as magma molten glass changes its color after cooling down. Glass shapes of the collection refer to the natural phenomenon when hot and liquid magma turns solid state."

    The vessels of this collection are hand-modeled, no forms are used in the process of creation. The method generates vessels, mostly vases, and objects of soft organic shaping. The surface “liquid” structure has a distinctive relief that encourages physical contact.


    Building Blocks - Side Chair - Jialun Xiong

    "Building Blocks" is a leather with a metal base Side Chair designed by Jialun Xiong. The side chair is designed with compositional illusion, playing with positive and negative shapes.

    "My Building Blocks Collection is set of monochromatic seating group based on the honesty of material and the purity of form. The minimal permutation of the shapes brings diversity to the design from every perspectives. Each one of the components is curated with necessity that fit with others to form a whole."


    Never Certain About Most - Invention Collection

    "Never Certain About Most" is a ceramic piece by Invention Collection (Steph Woods). This ceramic is a self-portrait that was created during an uncertain time in the Artist's life. The decorative ceramic vessel celebrates imperfect repetitive forms, unconstrained, and with little premeditation.

    "The piece is playfully experimental, however, it also embodies a feeling of self-doubt, with my thoughts inscribed on the piece."


    Thalia - Anahit Pogosian

    "Thalia" is a ceramic piece by New-York based Designer Anahit Pogosian. It's a tribute to ancient water vessels; designed to function as vases, centerpieces, or as stand-alone sculptural objects.

    "I am Inspired by the sculptural forms of cosmic bodies and traditional pottery. Shapes of vortexes and wormholes; designed by cosmic forces to transfer energy are used in combination with traditional forms of pottery, culturally used to transport water."


    Orizon Mirror in Coral - Ocrum

    The Orizon mirror, designed by Ocrum, is part of wall art and part functional decoration. Inspired by the horizon view of Como Lake in the north of Milan and Lake Michigan in Chicago, two cities that Ocrùm’s Chief Designer Sean Zhang has called home, it is a product of memories cherished and transformed.

    "This is a window with a view that you can hang from your wall, its ocean-like surface blending neatly into a lush, brightly-colored sky, the reflections changing constantly."

    The ceramic piece is glazed by hand and then baked at different firing temperatures, leading to nuances and unique colors aplenty, and the combination of vitrified ceramic and colored mirror strikes a contemporary look without sacrificing the human touch of traditional craftsmanship.


    Set No.5 Table - Musing Selles

    "Set no. 5" by Musing-Selles, explores and re-interprets the relationship between form and utility, moving away from expected functionality in everyday furniture. The set aims to create new domestic environments, where units are homogenized through physical and visual similarities. Together they build an autonomous setting independent from its context.

    "Set no.5 consists of three pieces which perform social and domestic activities based around entertainment. The pieces are fabricated from carved and curved wood, and finished with a gradient metallic car paint. The reflective finish gives the set an inherent softness by revealing the overall geometries of the form through the subtle changes in color."

    We hope you liked our list of new design items from July. The Artling offers a range of interesting and vibrant pieces to spruce up your space - check out these beautiful design pieces here!

    Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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