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New Designers to Watch Out For in October 2022

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New Designers to Watch Out For in October 2022


New Designers to Watch Out For in October 2022

Sake Set by Ildikó Károlyi

The Artling has put together a curated selection of 10 designers to watch out for in October 2022. From quirky design objects and textured shapes to minimalist vases and elegant coffee tables, these pieces are sure to spruce up your space with their elegant lines, vibrant forms, and textured surfaces. Scroll down to learn more about these talented designers! 



DAZINGFEELSGOOD is a Singaporean design studio founded by Kiat Ng and Karen Chiam. Their practice reflects on rational and reduction approaches, guided by design fundamentals across disciplines. Since 2015, the practice has served as a platform for Kiat and Karen to explore, design, and collaborate. This is shown in the documentation of work that had been recognised and represented internationally. 




OBJET #3.2


OBJET #3.1


OBJET #2.2


Australian designer Bettina Willner's practice considers the connection between material, form, nature, architecture, and memory within contemporary ceramics. Organic structures, textures, and golden glazes are characteristics of her sculptural pieces, and, in combination, produce objects that sit between sculpture, painting, and drawing.

More Works from Bettina Willner

Side Winding


Curve And Anglr


Coral Cut Out


Curve Cut Out

Born in 1991, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte is a Belgian designer who imbues his designs with a sense of the surreal and a respect for craftsmanship. Each piece has a unique voice and emotional power. Together, they speak to our more playful and curious nature, inviting us to live experiences unlimited by everyday expectations. Pierre's works are enigmatic and challenge what we consider to be real in order to change our habits and perceptions. His designs are symbolic of an urge to break free from the mundane and chase originality while staying within the framework pure materials.


Abacus | 8 p | Natural

Born and raised in South Korea, Sogon Kim found a special interest in glass while studying metal, ceramics, glass, and industrial design at the Hongik University in Seoul. With this passion, she started to attend as many glass festivals and exhibitions as she could and was exposed to a wide range of glass artists from around the world. In her works, Sogon focuses on the interaction between metal oxides and glass, which was inspired by the fact that tin and glass have a historically close relationship. Her creations are centred around capturing the moments of colouring glass and exploring its various optical qualities.

More Works from Sogon Kim

Celestial; Amber #1


Celestial; Red #2


Celestial; Green #2


Celestial; Pink #3


In 2014, KANZ was founded in Venice by a couple of architects, Mauro Cazzaro and Antonella Maione. The brand's practice spans the creation of design objects and lighting to architecture and interior design. Their designs are linked to reality, combining the potential of matter and technique with the idea of ​​beauty and functionality. By exploring traditional techniques, KANZ creates pieces suitable for contemporary living while simultaneously paying particular attention to the relationship between innovation and technical possibilities.

More Works from Kanz

Poppy, couple of glass vases


Lido glass, set of 6 tumblers


Madame set


Nesos set

Sodd Design was founded in 2020 by Seral Tan who is a passionate and experienced industrial designer. The company name "Sodd" came from the combination of the founder's name, the letter "S", and the word "odd". The Istanbul-based studio embraces the use of unusual forms and colours in its works. Seral's works are aimed at people who love freedom, who love to use bright colours bravely in their daily lives, and who believe in the positive energy that nature adds to their spirit.

More Works from Sodd Design

Face to Face L Lilac Dressing Mirror and Hanger


Face to Face L Yellow Dressing Mirror and Hanger


Face to Face L Turquoise Dressing Mirror and Hanger


Face to Face M Green Dressing Mirror and Hanger

Ido Ferber was born in a small town in the centre of Israel known by locals as the Israeli Toscana, a town filled with vines and olive groves. He was raised in nature and spent his childhood walking through the fields in search of lost ceramic fragments left behind by millennia of civilisations who worked the land before him. Ido draws inspiration from these childhood memories, and he mainly works in the realm of material research and the creation of everyday objects.

More Works from Ido Ferber

White Dead Vase


Mini Moon Jar


Dead Vase


Full Moon Vase

Hungarian designer Ildikó Károlyi makes ceramic objects through her creative process of constant, focused yet instinctive experimentation with materials, shapes, and surfaces. Her goal is to capture beauty through an intuitive search for harmony and a quest for delight. The objects born in her hands are imprints of the inner paths of Ildikó's explorer-researcher-observer mind. The contrast between the irregularity of the raw, natural surfaces – wabi – and the geometric ornamentation or the timeless proportions of the pure spherical form – sabi – creates the powerful, unrepeatable, and sometimes perplexing beauty of Ildikó's pieces.

More Works from Ildikó Károlyi

Angel: Whispering Globe




Velvet Sponge: Whispering Globe


Unreal Circus: Whispering Globe

Monique Robben and Andy Sheppard are an artist-designer duo creating raku ceramics, sculptures, and bronzes. Andy was born in West Wales and did a three-year apprenticeship in Pembroke as a production potter in 1981, eventually moving on to study glaze chemistry and clay technology at the Carmarthen Art School where Andy discovered his interest in raku.  He soon became known for his precision, use of classical shapes, and the spontaneity of glazing in his thrown work. Hailing from the Netherlands, Monique was born in The Hague and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 1984. She is passionate about painting, specifically seascapes and clouds. Over the years she developed a semi-abstract style and often uses a palette knife to achieve a balance between tranquillity and texture.


Rock Pool




Untitled 32


Raku Open Neck Vessel Autumn Lustres

Studio SORS. is a design studio based in Paris, France. The design language of their studio derives from brutalism and love for seemingly unfinished finishes, raw materials, and naturally occurring patinas. Their works focus on shapes and textures, creating a multi-sensory experience through an honest design vision. Their objective is experiential and results in the creation of works that assimilate the exceptional in the field of innovative techniques and materials. They create modern hand-crafted objects that honour and remain anchored in tradition.

More Works from Studio SORS.

VS Low Nesting Coffee Tables


HAND 1.23 Mirror


Supersonic Charcoal Rug


Demi-Lune Canapé sofa


Browse the full collection of designers to watch out for in October 2022 here!

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