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On The Rise: Nathan Head & his Attention-Grabbing Images


On The Rise: Nathan Head & his Attention-Grabbing Images
Image courtesy of the artist

Digital artist Nathan Head creates works that are simply described as cool, fresh and dynamic. Working off otherwise conventional images of nature and his surroundings, Nathan digitally manipulates them in a way that gives them more vibrancy and movement with an 80’s inspired air, making our eyes light up when we encounter them. 

Nathan belongs to a new age of artists who present themselves and their artistic identities seamlessly through social media. To say that his Instagram account is dreamy is an understatement. Bright fluidity runs through what seems like a carefully curated feed, giving us a sense of wanderlust matched with a vigorous desire to let tropical waves take us away into the unknown. 

However, this fluid feed is in no ways predictable. Every now and again, we are blessed with empowering statements cast against his visually psychedelic backdrop; bold statements on society catch us off guard. Travels from Majorca, middle-of-nowhere Canada, as well as his native England are also interpreted through his lens and presented to us in pop-inspired fashion. 

At 22 years of age and already armed with an incredibly strong sense of artistic identity, Nathan’s still got a long way to go yet, and we’re keeping our eyes peeled for what’s in store. As part of 'On The Rise', a new segment showcasing emerging creatives on The Artling Artzine, we get to know Nathan Head and his practice a little more, why he strayed away from traditional conventions of art, what inspires him, and the work he’s attached to the most: 


For those who aren’t familiar with your background, could you tell us a little more about your journey as an artist?

I have always been interested in art from a young age, particularly drawing and painting. It wasn't until college that I discovered my passion for photography, which saw me transfer from traditional art mediums to digital photography. For the last five years, I have stuck with photography, experimenting constantly with my ever-evolving personal and colorful style.


PEEK-A-BOO by Nathan Head


PLATEAU by Nathan Head

Where is your studio based?

The beauty of photography is that it allows me to work remotely, whether that be just at home, in an RV driving through the Canadian Rockies or from a seaside hotel in Majorca.


Why have you chosen your mode of practice? 

Initially, I chose it because it was a quick method to produce work, I was losing patience when it came to drawing or painting, especially as the work was always somewhat sub-par. But through digital editing, I have learned to love the creative process and I now understand the value of patience. 


What are some themes you find yourself drawn to when creating your works?

Summer is a recurrent theme within my work. I enjoy creating works with lots of warm colors and summery imagery. I often like to pair this with a retro, 80's kind of vibe, reminiscent of vacations long gone.

WEEKEND by Nathan Head

How do you find inspiration for your work?

Korean pop music is my biggest inspiration when it comes to my work. Both the music itself and the accompanying vivid visual music videos constantly inspire new ideas. More recently I have been inspired by 80's Japanese city pop also, which has inspired me to photograph more unusual and sometimes questionable subjects.


What's your favorite museum to visit for inspiration? 

To be completely honest I cannot remember the last time I visited a museum, it's perhaps something I should do more often. Fortunately, Instagram does a good job in curating my explore page, there's always so much enjoyable work and artists I can discover through it.


Is there a work or series that you find yourself more attached to? What is it and why?

I feel very attached to the images I took in my paddling pool during the summer, especially the egg and CD images. I love the hilarity of the egg images, whilst I am more drawn to the array of colors in the CD photographs.

What has been the most challenging part of being an artist?

There are times where trying to stay inspired can be difficult. I think experimenting and trying new things is a solid way to help combat this issue. I also like to look back through my work over the last five years and remind myself of what inspires me and why I love to create photography. 


Name three artists or designers who you’d like to collaborate with

Any of the Wonder Girls - They were a huge inspiration for my work over the years and I think they would be the perfect match with my aesthetic; Red Velvet - Another big inspiration for me, I think their enigmatic and unique style would work a treat with my color palettes; Hyolyn - With her summery style of music I think we could create some awesome work together.


What’s next for you as an artist? Do you have any upcoming shows, or are you perhaps exploring other mediums, materials or themes? 

Since leaving my bank job in June I want to focus solely on my photography as a career. It's not at a stage where it'll pay all the bills as my old job would, but I am finding so much happiness through it that I can be patient with it.


Love Nathan Head's works? So do we! Click here to check out more of his brilliant works. 

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