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On The Rise: Serena Dzenis’s Otherworldly Photographs of Nature


On The Rise: Serena Dzenis’s Otherworldly Photographs of Nature

Images courtesy of the artist

When one chances upon Serena Dzenis’s photographs, an immediate sense of wanderlust is felt. A photographer, author, and educator, Serena documents the raw energy of the world through her photographs of harsh landscapes. These beautiful images of seemingly untouched lands show her deep passion for winter. They highlight the intricacies of nature and show off how enchanting the depths of the world truly are. 

An Australian now based in Iceland, Serena is also the host of one-to-one and group photography workshops in Iceland and abroad. Through these journeys, she inspires others to document the complexity of nature from the ground up, just as she continues to do so herself. The images she presents to us make us feel like we should be a little more impulsive, get up, and explore the world. 

As part of On The Rise, a new segment showcasing emerging creatives on The Artling Artzine, we get to know Serena and her practice a little more, the series she’s most connected to, and what of nature fascinates her the most: 





For those who aren’t familiar with your background, could you tell us a little more about your journey as a photographer?

I am an Australian nature and landscape photographer, currently based in Iceland. My work has a strong emphasis on storytelling within the landscape, connecting with the land and immersing oneself in the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world. 


Why have you chosen photography as your mode of practice?

Photography has been a mode of expression for me since I was a young child. I originally built up my business in music photography, though have continually evolved over time, covering documentary, landscape and nature photography as well as journalism and writing. Photography allows me to capture the raw energy of human emotions and the otherworldliness often associated with space and atmosphere.


The Tasman Awakens


Interstellar Elysium

What are some themes you find yourself drawn to when creating your works? 

Geothermal areas fascinate me the most, as they are a visual representation of the world pulsating beneath your feet. 


Is there a work or series that you find yourself more attached to? What is it and why? 

My "Australia: Island Home" series. There is something strangely captivating about the landscape of my homeland; the open horizons, soaring mountains, thundering rivers, and lush valleys seep into you with each encounter. There was a time when I thought that there would be so much more to search for out there in the world than I could find in the corner I had been conceived, born and raised in. It wasn’t until I moved away that the longing to return to this place gripped my being.


Dreaming of Suns


A Magic Awakening

What has been the most challenging part of being a photographer? 

Putting food on the table and paying rent! It is difficult to be recognised for your work and to be successful. 


Name three artists or designers who you’d like to collaborate with

Karen Khachaturov, Reuben Wu, Al Mefer.


Cave of Diamonds



What’s next for you as an artist? Do you have any upcoming shows, or are you perhaps exploring other mediums, materials or themes?

I am judging the 2019 MontPhoto International Nature Photography Contest in Spain in October. I am seeking to expand my work into a more ethereal atmosphere this year.


Captivated? So are we! Click here to check out more of Serena Dzenis’s stunning works on The Artling. 

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