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'Parallel Universes: Parafacts And Parafictions' Opens in Shanghai!

'Parallel Universes: Parafacts And Parafictions' Opens in Shanghai!


'Parallel Universes: Parafacts And Parafictions' Opens in Shanghai!

Installation View. Image courtesy of The Artling

The Artling proudly opened ‘Parallel Universes: Parafacts and Parafictions’ in Shanghai on 10 November. Curated by independent curator and former Associate Director of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai Peipei Han. The exhibition is set within a former colonial building in the Jing’an District, that once served as the Police Headquarters in the 1910s. The 20th-century building was meticulously renovated by Shanghai architect-designers Neri & Hu, retaining a strong emphasis on the relationship between historical and contemporary architecture. The inclusion of contemporary art in this historic venue aims to bridge the three spheres of architecture, art and design,  presenting a holistic approach towards how these elements come together. 

‘Parallel Universes: Parafacts and Parafictions’ transforms the building’s colonial architecture into a platform that stages a heightened experience that brings the community together, exploring the dynamics between different genres and mediums. In understanding and reinterpreting the world around us, the participating artists present their visions through fictional readings of reality. The fine line that defines reality and fiction is ever more blurred. This confusion provides opportunities to critically examine the actual world and reconsider the potential of our present experience. This exhibition also questions – within our own narrow sense of what we deem real or unreal – the existence of other realities that allow for very different possibilities to exist. Fiction in one world may be a reality in another. 

This exciting exhibition is held at the Design Republic Commune and runs from 10 November to 9 January 2022.

Scroll down to see images of the exhibition and opening night!

About the Curator
Peipei Han is an independent curator and the former Associate Director of PHOTOFAIRS. She has previously curated design exhibitions in her home city of Beijing and in recent years, also a wide range of art exhibitions in Shanghai. She has also written various articles on the subject of contemporary art for international publications. She completed her MA from the University of the Arts, London in Media, Communication and Critical Practice. Ms. Han joined the Shanghai edition of PHOTOFAIRS in 2015 and has been instrumental in positioning the fair as the leading platform for contemporary photography and moving image in the Asia Pacific region.

Exhibition Dates: 10 November 2021 - 9 January 2022
Address: Design Republic, 3rd Fl, 511 Jiangning Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Opening Times: Monday - Sunday, 10:00 - 19:00

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All images courtesy of The Artling

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