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PASSPORT is OH! Open House’s New Pop-up Experience


PASSPORT is OH! Open House’s New Pop-up Experience
All images courtesy of OH! Open House

OH! Open House’s new programme, PASSPORT, comes in a series of 6 pop-up art experiences across Singapore in the last 3 weekends of March 2019. Six artists will be working with their hosts to create new art experiences and artworks on themes such as identity, belonging, home, privilege and even love. 

This is a departure from what OH! Open House has done in the past, which are its signature art walks. Shifting from that framework, PASSPORT does not focus on the neighbourhood and there is no tour. Instead of one overarching narrative told by OH!, PASSPORT’s artists and hosts are active collaborators who are empowered to tell their own stories. Not only do hosts open their homes up to artworks and experiences, but they also go further to build stories together with the artists by sharing their personal narratives and co-creating the art experiences with them. 

With PASSPORT, OH! hopes to provide a new means for audiences to go beyond consuming and viewing art, but actively support art, artists and the industry. Audiences can contribute their stories, spaces and time. Here are the collaborations between hosts and artists you can expect at PASSPORT


Anthony Chin × Christophe & Sharon 

Artist Anthony Chin and hosts Christophe and Sharon’s works are an investigation into the boundaries of nationhood. This experience consists of multiple works that respond to the themes of globalisation and borders. Artist Anthony Chin will be presenting two site-specific installations that respond to local and global territorial disputes. One installation takes audiences around the building, whereby a fine line of inscribed text is revealed via binoculars. Inside the home, hosts Christophe and Sharon are devising a theatrical piece in response to Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.

Ezzam Rahman × Hernie & André 

Artist Ezzam Rahman and hosts Hernie and André discuss how belonging can be tied to a person, even if that individual is located across borders. This experience is based on hosts Hernie and André’s long-distance love story. This experience is a performative installation in two parts. Hosts Hernie & André have written letters for each other over the course of three months, which will be delivered to audiences in the form of video and light installations scattered around Hernie’s home. The experience will be accompanied by a Q&A session with the artist and hosts.


ila × Xiou Ann 

Artist ila and host Xiou Ann’s multi-stop sensorial walk through town is an invitation to audiences to uncover and claim sacred, quiet spaces in the familiar, urban landscape. The walk takes place across multiple stops in the Central Business District (CBD), whereby audiences will be divided into small groups and receive tools that encourage them to encounter familiar spaces in a new light.

Jimmy Ong × Han Chung 

Artist Jimmy Ong and host Han Chung present a two-part experience that examines placelessness and citizenship. This is conveyed in the context of the artist and host’s identities which sprawl across various countries. 

This experience consists of a participatory performance and installation in public spaces. Audiences are brought through a simulated immigration process that determines one’s Singaporean-ness. Audiences will be interrogated about their identities, homes and belonging before encountering an installation of fragments related to the pair’s identities. 

Mike HJ Chang × Liming & Chloe 

Artist Mike HJ Chang and hosts Liming & Chloe present a performative experience inspired by their time having lived in different cities. It is based on the television as a medium through which we imagine places that we have not yet stepped foot in. 

Artist Mike HJ Chang and hosts Liming and Chloe’s performative installation transforms the television into a living sculpture, allowing audiences to pick and choose which story they would like to hear. The experience concludes with a showcase of the artist’s sketches and a conversation with the artist and hosts over tea and pastries.

Nature Shankar × Pei Ying 

Artist Nature and host Pei Ying - along with flatmates Lisa, Ryan and Ganesh – explore the value of objects and how they tie us to people and places. 

This experience consists of a participatory performance where audiences are invited to bring a personal object that has significant meaning to them, which they are now prepared to let go of. These objects will be used as part of a group entwining workshop. The experience is accompanied by a tasting menu prepared by the hosts and ends with a tour of embroidery artworks and resin cast objects placed around the home. 


To find out more about PASSPORT by OH! Open House, click here

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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