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REORIENT towards the South and Southeast Asia with M+


REORIENT towards the South and Southeast Asia with M+
Installation view of "Speaking Wall" (2009-2010) by Shilpa Gupta. Image Courtesy of M+

Organized by M+ Matters of the West Kowloon Cultural District, 'REORIENT: Conversations on South and Southeast Asia' is their first event that houses a series of talks with exclusive focus on the region of South and Southeast Asia, uniting renowned spokespeople from the various fields of visual art. 

Over the span of three days, 'REORIENT' will be taking place from 30 November to 2 December 2017 at the Asia Society Hong Kong packed with one-on-one conversations, presentations as well as panel discussions to cover a plethora of topics. 

M+ Matters Panel Discussions. Image Courtesy of M+

M+ Matters Presentations. Image Courtesy of M+

The M+ collection have always acquired numerous works by South and Southeast Asian artists but were rarely emphasized or reputed as part of the museum's public programme as much as they have hoped. With 'REORIENT', M+ wishes to reorient and introduce this significant prospect to the public as the cultural production of this region gains international recognition and respect.

"Calendars 2020-2096" (2004-2010) by Heman Chong. Image Courtesy of M+

'REORIENT' will also see impressive works by M+'s large, and constantly growing, collection of artists, architects, and designers from South and Southeast Asia such as Hans Tan, Rasheed Araeen, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Shilpa Gupta, Sopheap Pich, Herman Chong, Satyendra Pakhalé, Architects Team 3 (AT3), Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi and Raj Rewal.


"Spotted Nyonya - Kamcheng" (2011) by Hans Tan. Image Courtesy of M+

"Spotted Nyonya - Platter Dish" (2011) by Hans Tan. Image Courtesy of M+

Curators, researchers and thinkers are set to be in discussion with invited speakers from South and Southeast Asia, bringing to the forefront critical issues relating to their artistic practice and context. 

The event not only seeks to explore artistic production through a geographical perspective, highlighting the prominence of the South and Southeast Asia region (which has been overlooked in the past), but it also aims to provide a fascinating insight into the artistic disciplines present in the global south, in cities such as Bangalore, Bangladesh and Ho Chi Minh City and how they then intersect with the cultural practices in Hong Kong.

"Compound" (2011) by Sopheap Pich. 

The programme details are as follows. Don't miss the dates!  

Day 1
30 November 2017, Thursday
6:00 – 8:30pm
Designing on the Margins—Land, Materiality and Community

Day 2
1 December 2017, Friday
6:00 – 8:30pm
Art, Ritual and the Everyday

Day 3
2 December 2017, Saturday
11:00am – 4:00pm
Researching, Collecting and Framing the Region

"Aerial shot of Singapore's Central Business District, featuring the Singapore Conference Hall and Singapore Airlines Building (formerly Malaysia-Singapore Airlines Headquarters)" (1967) by Malayan Architects Co-partnership (succeeded by Architects Team 3).
Image Courtesy of M+

Find more information about the event here.


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Lars Nittve, Executive Director, M+ Museum, Hong Kong, Dec. 23, 2013


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