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Artist of the Month: Tarini Ahuja


Artist of the Month: Tarini Ahuja
"Prussian, Ochre, Sap, Titanium" (2013) by Tarini Ahuja / Acrylic on Canvas / 91.4cm x 76.2cm / 36.0″ x 30.0″ / Unique Work

“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” - Oscar Wilde


Our artist of the month is Tarini Ahuja, whose abstract canvases are based on the concept of wabi-sabi 侘寂, which is to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and ma 間, which is negative space or a gap. This is evident in her focus on the materiality of the paint and the canvas, and the non-representational compositions that characterise her work.

Tarini Ahuja with one of her works

Born and raised in New Dehli, India, Tarini Ahuja attended Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, completing her Foundation in Visual Arts in 2010 and graduating with a B.A. (Honors) in Fine Arts in 2013 from Goldsmith’s, University of London.

"Separate or Combine (White II)" by Tarini Ahuja
Acrylic on Canvas / 101.6cm x 76.2cm / 40.0″ x 30.0″ / Unique Work
Available on!

Currently based in her hometown of New Dehli, Ahuja has developed her personal visual language created from a series of rules and processes in composing her abstract works. Due to the non-figurative nature of her works, colour plays a pivotal role in her artistic expression; the change of landscape she experienced in her personal life translate on to her canvases, wherein she eschewed cooler tones for warmer and more vibrant shades, which she juxtaposes against each other in a chaotic and dramatic manner.

"Untitled (Brown, Ochre, Green)" (2013) by Tarini Ahuja
Acrylic on Canvas / 91.4cm x 76.2cm / 36.0″ x 30.0″ / Unique Work 

Her works often bring to mind the works of the abstract expressionists, especially that of Helen Frankenthaler, who is one of the notable female artists in that movement. Each of Ahuja’s works have a character of their own, brought to life by her colours and emotive brushstrokes. However, her latest body of work often sees the influence of her hometown of New Dehli, rich with colour and vibrating with with life; this gives her work its own unique style and feeling.

"Light 4 (Cerulean, Cyan, Prussian, Ultramarine)" (2014) by Tarini Ahuja
Acrylic on Canvas / 121.9cm x 182.9cm / 48.0″ x 72.0″ / Unique Work/ US$ 2,600
Available on!

In Ahuja’s work, colour is often a focal point, as demonstrated by the use of their names in the titles of her paintings. In Light 4 (Cerulean, Cyan, Prussian, Ultramarine), Ahuja employs the use of warmer tones like ochre and oxide of chromium to off-set the blue shades. The artist loads her blush with paint, applying it in significant dabs, letting the paint drip down the canvas, indexing the invisible foce of gravity - these drips lend an inexplicable weight to her work comprised predominantly of light colours. There is a sense of calm in her works, that is pleasing to the eye.



See more of Tarini Ahuja's works here.

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