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Sheng Yin & Kai Yi’s ‘Black Dream’ Breathes Life into Furniture


Sheng Yin & Kai Yi’s ‘Black Dream’ Breathes Life into Furniture
Image courtesy of Sheng Yin and Kai Yi

Newly listed on The Artling is ‘Black Dream’, a series of handmade furniture that showcases impeccable concept and craftsmanship. A collaborative effort, product designer Sheng Yin worked together with artist Kai Yi to create these black pieces made of wood and leather. ‘Black Dream’ was presented at Design China Beijing during Beijing Design Week. 


Black Dream Whirl Side Table (big)


Black Dream Drop Chair

Included in this limited edition series is a black leather chair, a shelving unit, two side tables in different sizes, a floor light, and a mirror unit that incorporates a bottle rack and divider screen. Speaking to Dezeen, Yin states how these works cannot be made by machines, and how “only the best craftsman can do this.” All the stitching on leather is finished by hand, allowing them to create details that would be too intricate for machines to replicate. By doing this, the duo adds soul and a sense of closeness to their works. 

Motivated by wanting to prove the versatility of the post-1990s generation, the duo sought to extract characteristics of traditional knowledge and integrate them into modern lifestyles. They hope that young buyers will re-think the boundaries of art and design, and how modern furniture can represent both Chinese culture and taste. 


Black Dream Weave Hanger


Black Dream Float Mirror

Yin elaborates more on how all the pieces have their own life - everything moves - and if the chair were sat on for long enough it would take the shape of the user’s body, allowing them to be more than just products. 

Using natural materials such as wood and leather also allows for the works to absorb the energies around them, as well as from those that use them. By consciously using such materials, they hope to show that  "warm products that can replace cold industrial processes”.


Black Dream Swing Shelf


Black Dream DRIP Wine Rack

Sheng Yin is a graduated from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and has since set up a furniture brand called Skeletonskin that focuses on handcrafted works. 

Kai Yi works predominantly with leather and textiles and is now creating works that are inspired by motorcycle culture.


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