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SingaPlural 2019 Celebrates Design with 'Unnatural Phenomena'


SingaPlural 2019 Celebrates Design with 'Unnatural Phenomena'
All images courtesy of Singapore Design Week

This year’s edition of SingaPlural takes place from 4 - 17 March 2019, with a theme that draws on evolution in nature to inspire innovation in design. Entitled “Unnatural Phenomena”, it seeks to explore the origins and evolutions of novel new design species, forged by unorthodox collaborations that challenge disciplinary boundaries. 

SingaPlural cites itself as a strong advocate for collaborations between brands and creatives, to encourage innovation through test-bedding of ideas, and uncover possibilities through pushing boundaries. A multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary design platform, the name ‘SingaPlural’ is derived from a combination of the terms ‘Singular’ and ‘Plural’ and was conceived from the need to create a common platform to bridge the industry with designers.


The Curators: Formwerkz & Bravo 

L-R: Eugene Kosgoron (Formwerkz), Alan Tay (Formwerkz) & Edwin Tan (Bravo) 


Formwerkz Architects was established in Singapore in 2004 by Alan Tay, Seetoh Kum Loon, Gwen Tan and Berlin Lee. The practice is largely defined and shaped by their common interest in the recovery of mutual human relationships, and the restoration of primordial relationships between man and nature. Projects become vehicles to design happenings or more precisely, the conditions that can espouse more active engagement between man and man with his environment. 



Bravo is a branding and marketing agency that specializes in identity and brand creation, social media content and marketing strategy. Guided by Tenacious D’s wise words, “It doesn’t matter if it is good, it only matters if it rocks”, always expect Bravo to pack a planet-sized punch. Creatively headed by Edwin Tan, Bravo has created many memorable branding projects loved and featured both locally and internationally in the last 9 years. These projects are spread across industries such as F&B, retail, hospitality, wellness, fin-tech, and even property development. 



What: Senses
By: Cellini x etc.lab x Synergraphic 

Senses Cellini x etc.lab x Synergraphic

Cellini x etc.lab x Synergraphic 

A collaborative design exploration between Cellini, Synergraphic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Design & Environment. The installation challenges the conventions of aluminum casting and glass making. In this installation, students will showcase the harmonious blend of aluminum and glass infused into contemporary living objects.

What: Graceful Fig
By: Stone Amperor x MM Galleri x Lian Architects 

Graceful FigBy: Stone Amperor x MM Galleri x Lian Architects

Stone Amperor x MM Galleri x Lian Architects 

The design takes on the curatorial direction of unveiling a new breed by drawing inspiration from the graceful fig shell and its simple yet elegant process of forming through the Fibonacci sequence. The shell is unravelled to create a table surface, which inverts the use of the shell as a protective element whilst revealing the thinness of the surface. 

By: ipse ipsa ipsum x Orcadesign x AMR 

IPSE IPSA IPSUM By: ipse ipsa ipsum x Orcadesign x AMR

ipse ipsa ipsum x Orcadesign x AMR 

ipse ipsa ipsum is a local furniture and accessories brand aimed at discerning homeowners. This year ipse ipsa ipsum launches the Muse & The Straits Collection. The two collections present a reinterpretation of fashion & nostalgia and incorporate fun elements of surprise to create timeless, luxurious pieces. The collaborators have delved into aesthetics, materials, and craftwork which draw inspiration from rich cultural heritage. The result is metamorphosed furniture design which aspires to interrupt the homogeneity of modern life.  

By: Décor Fan x Fraction

AUTUMN By: Décor Fan x Fraction

Décor Fan x Fraction

Inspired by the season of harvest, guests are transported to a perfect glorious autumn morning. As the fan picks up speed, feel cool breeze tickling your hair and embracing your skin. As pinwheels dance in the cascading through the leaves, painting everything golden. Immerse wind, hear crisp brown leaves waltzing through the air. And with the VR goggles, see warm sunlight yourself fully in our installation and ignite your senses. You just might smell the maple leaves bathing in the glowing sun! 

By: Formwerkz 



“Twisted Paths” is the main installation for SingaPlural 2019. Intended to unify the different exhibitors, the concept searches for the common denominator that links them. We found that in the journey the exhibitors took, each has to go through a certain pathway to get to the final design. “Twisted Paths” is a reflection of these journeys, simplifying them as lines and connections in the form of a hanging sculpture that anchors SingaPlural 2019. Poetically suspended, “Twisted Paths” anchors the space in a soft and ethereal manner. 

By: Formwerkz 

TILT SHIFT By: Formwerkz


Poised to be the visitor’s first encounter with SingaPlural 2019, "Tilt Shift" welcomes a change in perspective by presenting the amalgamation of two applications: tilt, and shift. Inspired by the tilt-shift lenses widely used in architectural photography, the installation comprises undulating boards that adjust the visitor's plane of focus on the image, creating a dual point of view from multiple perspectives. With the viewer’s escalating curiosity shifting them further into the exhibition, “Tilt Shift” completes its dynamic form with the elements of intrigue and innovation integral to the ethos of Unnatural Phenomena. 

This year’s edition of SingaPlural includes a Master Lectures Series which aim to complement the exhibition by acknowledging extraordinary hybrids. The 3 distinguished speakers, Elena Manferdini, Raffi Lehrer, and Brandon Kruysman have crossed boundaries and succeeded in their quest to be multi- disciplinary creatives. They bravely answer the call to steep oneself in unfamiliar territory, creating things unbounded by disciplinary definitions and inspire others to embrace change.

To find out more about the Master Lectures, click here

Beyond The Surface, a series of exhibitors talks is an informal gathering for all participants from SingaPlural 2019. Meant to be informal yet informative, each participant is encouraged to share the journey they took. The back to back format (6 presenters continuously) allows the audience to understand and analyze the similarities and differences each exhibitor encounters. Admission is free but registration is required.

To sign up, click here

SingaPlural is organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) since 2012, and is supported by DesignSingapore Council, Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board. SingaPlural is also a programme of the annual Singapore Design Week, which is organised by the DesignSingapore Council, a part of the Ministry of Communications and Information. 

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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