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Statement Artworks by 10 Malaysian Artists


Statement Artworks by 10 Malaysian Artists
Splayed - Dipali Gupta (Available on The Artling)

Statement artworks can do wonders for any space in your home or office. Not only do these artworks pull the focus in a room, but they also add character, liven up a space, and make for interesting conversation pieces. These striking pieces come in a variety of art styles, such as abstract and figurative works, and in a range of mediums. Statement artworks will also aid in setting the tone of your space, and can even communicate your personality. This week, The Artling has put together a list of 10 Malaysian artists and their artworks that will make a statement in any space!

Lubuk Tiga Beradik by Husni Osman


Lubuk Tiga Beradik - Husni Osman (Available on The Artling)

'Lubuk Tiga Beradik' is large abstract piece by Husni Osman, an emerging Kuala Lumpur-based artist. Inspired by a legend of three princess who disappeared in a waterfall, Husni created this work with thoughtful composition and splashes of colour that alternate between ochre, green, black, and white. The raw brushstrokes within his Neo-Expressionist works provide a refreshing development and new insight into the Malaysian contemporary art scene. Trained in landscape architecture, Husni departed from this field upon his discovery of Mark Rothko's artworks. Overwhelmed and enthralled by the world of art, he took to the streets as a street painter early in his artistic career, simultaneously learning and practising his art.

沉 Mammatus by Zelin Seah


沉 Mammatus - Zelin Seah (Available on The Artling)

Living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Zelin Seah's abstract imagery offers a unique destruction of everyday scenes. His style highlights the deceptive appearances of everyday life, suggesting an inner space and looking inward to the human condition. In '沉 Mammatus', Zelin drew upon his fascination with clouds that fill the negative spaces in religious artworks; an element that is never the focus yet ever-present. Zelin immersed himself in a process of repetitive exploration, alternating between painting and etching on copper plates to achieve the interplay of aesthetic and concept. The combination of cloud and copper come together as profound components of mankind's spiritual imagination. The title also serves to convey the concept behind the work; 'Mammatus' is a pouch-like cloud structure, and the Chinese character hints at the possible mental state of one’s mind through the description of a cloud’s “expression”.

Mereka yang Dilumpuhkan by M. Shafarin Ghani


Mereka yang Dilumpuhkan - M. Shafarin Ghani (Available on The Artling)

M. Shafarin Ghani is a mid-career artist and music composer who is known for his highly coloured vibrations of abstract artworks inspired by the soul of the Romantic Era in the 19th century. Shafarin's works are a variation of minimalism, lyricism, and symbolism. The Penang-based artist is concerned with the exploration of ideas and the states of mind challenging the dogma of art. His aesthetic representation of colour, form, and composition is not neglected and is in fact further enhanced with the striking artwork he produces. Shafarin infuses this aesthetic and his musical background in 'Mereka yang Dilumpuhkan', a striking oil painting that features a box nested within a another box. 

Transference of Light - Diptych by Peisy Ting


Transference of Light - Diptych - Peisy Ting (Available on The Artling)

Peisy Ting creates a burst of life in 'Transference of Light', an acrylic painting that represents the creation of time, and an expansion of infinite space. Having been raised in a vibrant multi-ethnic Asian culture, Peisy conflates her upbringing with a broad and worldly perspective that she seeks to capture through her abstract paintings. Sights and sounds from her daily life infuse her subconscious with the intent to articulate her visions in her brush as she translates these experiential emotions into physical forms. Peisy's art challenges the viewers' perceptual parameters, providing them with a multi-layered visual experience and establishing a connection on both an emotional and intellectual level.

"Incomprehensible elements from an unknown origin transcend the boundaries of where we are, giving rise to a new level of hope."

What did you see? by Dipali Gupta


What did you see? - Dipali Gupta (Available on The Artling)

Layering concepts with artistic canons and re-appropriating less significant genres, Dipali Gupta's work comments on artistic practices that were historically male-dominated. Her multi-disciplinary practice reconstructs the past to defy socio-political myths of reproduction, domestication, spectatorship as well as the self and identity. In 'What did you see?', Dilapi deliberately makes the body absent in her artworks, a defining characteristic of her work. She fuses abstraction and historical erotica of the Japanese Shunga, which creates soft, surrealist imagery.  These artworks subvert societal norms and reclaim a space for females by way of the assemblage cyborg, regenerating history from an alternative standpoint.

Pesta Token by Husin Othman


Pesta Token - Husin Othman (Available on The Artling)

Husin Othman paints a scene in a shopping mall riddled with games and kids rides in 'Pesta Token'. Rekindling his sweet childhood memories, he conveys the Malaysian lifestyle that may now be forgotten, drawing on the emotions and understanding of his Malaysian culture and identity. Husin's artistic talent is clear through his skilful technique and thorough understanding of figuration, marking his works noteworthy amongst his peers.

"Now all grown up and experiencing the harsh realities of adulthood, I truly attest to this harsh fact of life. Akin to the abundant games that lie in wait at these malls, our lives are similarly riddled with choices - choices that almost always come at a price."

Interwoven (Love) by Yau Bee Ling


Interwoven (Love) - Yau Bee Ling (Available on The Artling)

'Interwoven (Love)' is an oil painting that depicts two figures hidden within the multicoloured abstract brushstrokes. Yau Bee Ling born in Kuala Lumpur and studied painting at the Malaysian Institute of Art. Since then, she has exhibited her works extensively, being recognised for her distinctive layered works and is regarded as one of the most powerful contemporary painters in Malaysia today.

Colours of Life 2 by WH Thean


Colours of Life 2 - WH Thean (Available on The Artling)

WH Thean is a self-taught artist from Kedah who has a deep passion for the abstract art style. He seeks to convey a range of strong emotions such as elation, anxiety, and anger in 'Colours of Life 2'. This acrylic painting is part of a series of works that explores all aspects of emotional encounters experienced in our lives, which he expresses through the colours on the canvas. 

KLHC Abstrct8 by Kelvin Low


KLHC Abstrct8 - Kelvin Low (Available on The Artling)

Born and based in Petaling Jaya, Kelvin Low is fascinated by light and gravity and Einstein's theory of relativity. He uses gravity to form peaks that add texture in his works and communicate form and rhythm. His low-relief textures distort the pathway of light, much like how gravity bends light. Once Kevin figured out the scientific aspect of light and gravity, he integrated vibrant colours into his artworks. The subtle shifts in his colour choices are intentionally applied to provide a calming effect and to facilitate healing.

"I believe in the healing potential of colour. I seek to harness that potential in my works."

Voynich Garden by Siund Tan


Voynich Garden - Siund Tan (Available on The Artling)

'Voynich Garden' was inspired by the Voynich Manuscript, a mysterious illustrated and handwritten codex that dates back to the early Renaissance. The manuscript consists of balneological and astrological drawings, as well as the drawings of mythical plants, animals, and nude figures. Having great interest in folklores and mythology, Siund Tan was elated when he learnt about the Voynich Manuscript. In this painting, Siund paints six women who seem to be having good time in a garden. Some smell flowers and pick fruit from the trees, while another observes a microscope. The oil painting depicts a quiet moment of learning, and the enjoyment of the simplest things in life.

"I am fascinated by the unknown, and upon recognising that man shall keep a hungry mind for knowledge, I believe that we can still find joy in things we yet understand."

We hope you enjoyed learning about these 10 Malaysian artists and their artworks that statement artworks that will bring life to any space. Browse wide selection of contemporary artworks here. If you need additional guidance or have specific requirements, you can have a look at our art consultancy services, or chat with our expert curators on any page.

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