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The Art Week Conversations 2018


The Art Week Conversations 2018
The Art Week Tour 2017. Image Courtesy of THEO

The fourth edition of The Art Week Conversations, held at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, returns this year with more insightful views to share! Organized by THEO Arts, this year's focus is on the concept of collecting art which includes meaningful dialogues held by experts of the field as well as an exclusive tour that promises a unique opportunity to visit existing corporate art collections in Singapore. This is proposed to not only provide experienced and novice collectors with useful tips and successful ways in navigating the contemporary art martket but to also comprehend the existing system of the burgeoning art scene in Southeast Asia.

Shedding some light on collecting and buying art from a Southeast Asian perspective, this year's theme Considering Collecting looks into the various art scenes, art collections, and art developments in the region through thought-provoking questions and topics discussed by professional artists, gallerists, cutrators, collectors and journalists namely, Tan Boon Hui, Stephanie Fong, Ning Chong, Johnni Wong, Erin Gleeson and Bryan Tan. Be sure to catch them in three different discourses that will be held over the weekends of the Singapore Art Week!

The Art Week Tour 2017 with Sunny Chyun. Image Courtesy of THEO

20 January 2018, Saturday 11AM
Considering Collecting: Cambodia - Past Forward
Led by a panel of Cambodian contemporary artists - including Erin Gleeson,  a curator and scholar of Cambodian contemporary art; and Leang Seckon, one of the pioneers of the Cambodian contemporary art scene - the discussion addresses the present situation as well as the hope for the future of contemporary art in Cambodia. 

21 January 2018, Sunday 11AM
Considering Collecting: Southeast Asia - Calling Out the Status Quo

Over the years, Southeast Asia has held together for centuries through its political, economic and cultural activities, as well as the visual arts scene. Find out how artists associations, art organizations/instituitions, art languages and production play a part in pulling separate identities from all over the region together in a conversation with the director of the Asia Society Museum, Tan Boon Hui, and a veteran art journalist, Johnni Wong. 


27 January 2018, Saturday 2PM - 7:30PM
The Art Week Tour: Considering Collections
Anticipate the rare opportunity to view physical art collections in the local CBD while learning from successful corporate art collectors, curators and artists about the thought processes, impacts and considerations behind corporate art acquisitions through this exclusive tour! 

27 January 2018, Saturday 11AM
Considering Collecting: Singapore - Starting Young
Considering from the point of the Next Generation, the fourth edition of discussion on the local art scene focuses on the concept and prospects of collecting and buying art in Singapore. Young/new collectors and artists may have to learn to adapt or deal with shifting paradigms as the market evolves. Hear more from galleriest Stephanie Fong, collectors Bryan Tan and Ning Chong, and artist Ruben Pang in the dialogue!

The Art Week Tour 2017 with David Chan. Image Courtesy of THEO

Click on the links below to get your tickets and find more information about the event!

Conversations: $12 for each talk, $30 for all 3 talks
Tour: $75


*Exclusively for Artling subscribers, we have complimentary tickets available for each of the 3 Conversations! Get in touch with us at to reserve your ticket, we have a limited number available and these will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The Artling is proud to be a Media Partner of The Art Week Conversations 2018. 


Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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