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The Art Week Conversations by T.H.E.O. Arts Professionals: Considering Collecting

ByGrace Ignacia See
The Art Week Conversations by T.H.E.O. Arts Professionals: Considering Collecting

39 Keppel Rd
Singapore 089065

18-27 January 2019

Targeted at new and existing audiences, this series of talks organised by Theo Arts Professionals looks at collecting, collectors and their art – covering Vietnam, Singapore and private collections. We investigate the much-liked art scene in Vietnam, one of the earliest to hit the contemporary and modern art markets in the 1990s; cut to the chase on buying good art at starting prices in Singapore; and pan in on how private collections are shaping up in Southeast Asia. Panelists in this edition include Albert Lim, Bryan Tan, Camilla Hewitson, Kim Camacho, Koh Seow Chuan, Linda Neo, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Pham Phuong Cuc, Jimmy Chua and The Artling’s very own Kim Tay. 

Every art scene has its particular character and points of growth, developing according to the actions, insights and directions of its producers and activists. The panel discussions are topical, looking at current art collecting scenarios, as well as recent milestones. Our erudite group of collectors, artists, curators and gallerists parlay the dynamics and ways-in of successful and authentic collecting. Now in its fifth edition, The Art Week Conversations is for both seasoned and new collectors. The programme gives useful overviews and deeper insights into the workings of the visual arts scene in Southeast Asian cities. Artists, creators and collectors speak out, going beyond common understandings of buying and collecting art. 

About the talks

Title: Singapore: Collecting Under $5K
Time: 19 Jan Sat 11 am – 12.30 pm

In the early 1990s, it was possible to buy an original signed Warhol print for under USD5000. As the art market continues its growth with the impetus of movements in the financial world, art appears to retain its status as an expensive commodity, an instrument for the rich. Is it still possible to buy art at entry level prices? Our panel discusses how safe it is; what buyers can expect; where and how to find creative and enduring art, as well as what are some of the hidden gems – the still unrecognized buys one can uncover. Speakers include avid collector Bryan Tan, art fair expert Camilla Hewitson and The Artling's Gallery Director Kim Tay who share their rich experiences. 

Title: Rise of the Private Collection
Time: 26 Jan Sat 11 am – 12.30 pm

Better than the excitement of peering into private art collections are the high points of the private collector’s own journey. There are few individuals who have the courage to collect art before it receives the endorsement of critics and institutions. What is it like to collect ahead of the pack? What does it take, and how far will passionate art collectors go to patronize the artists that they admire, and procure their artworks? The things that collectors do for artists is a lesser known aspect of art collecting, which is instead nowadays typified by a voracious investment-oriented art buyer. Collectors Koh Seow Chuan, Kim Camacho, Albert Lim, and Linda Neo speak about their collections and what drives them. 

Title: Vietnam Viewpoint
Time: 27 Jan Sun 11 am – 12.30 pm 

The Hanoi art scene was one of the first of the Southeast Asian cities to receive the attention of the international art circuit, with exhibitions of Vietnamese pioneer and modern artists happening in Hong Kong and Singapore in the early 1990s. Both exposures to and empathy for Vietnamese art and culture spelled its allure in major cities, as well as its connection with French sensibilities. How has the art scene evolved in Vietnam, what are some of its important art developments, and what directions are these taking now? How are Vietnamese artists shaping the contemporary scene regionally, what is the impact like? Listen to our esteemed panelists comprising gallerist Pham Phuong Cuc and artist/curator Richard Streitmatter-Tran speak with art adviser Jimmy Chua. 

About T.H.E.O. Arts Professionals
THEO Arts Professionals work with artists and organizations to make curated art projects for various audiences to grow arts communities. THEO has been appointed programme curator to the Young Talent Programme at ION Art since 2012. They also created a popular talk series The Art Week Conversations during Singapore Art Week (2015-19). Recent curated projects include SOO PIENG: Drawings, a centenary exhibition (2017); THE SINGAPORE ART SHOW 2016 with Teo Eng Seng, Eng Tow, Chng Seok Tin, Tang Da Wu and Yeo Hoe Koon, and YOUNG SINGAPORE ARTISTS, with Lavender Chang, Mintio and Noor Iskandar, and a project at Singapore Biennale 2013-14.  

The Art Week Conversations 2019 is part of Singapore Art Week (19 – 27 January 2019). A joint initiative by the National Arts Council, the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Art Week reinforces Singapore’s position as Asia’s leading art destination. The nine-day celebration of the visual arts offers a myriad of quality art experiences, from art fairs, gallery openings, exhibitions, lifestyle events, and public art walks, to enriching discussions on art and culture. 


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Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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