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The Artling Holiday Gift Picks


The Artling Holiday Gift Picks


We’re less than six weeks to the holiday season and there’s sure to be some brain wracking going on with regards to what to buy some of the people in your life. This season, we’ve picked five of the most common people in our lives (and possibly the hardest people to shop for) and selected a few gift options for you to select from if you’re really struggling to find a gift for them.


MUM is a tough one to buy for, because she usually is the queen of gift-giving, seeming to always find the most perfect of gifts, even if they are a set of antique napkins embroidered with your initials. For the mother that loves enjoying her Chinese tea, Chinese design studio KDSZ has these beautiful double-walled glass cups inspired by traditional Chinese vessels - they can also double up as sake cups! Another great option are Japanese artist Satomi Sugimoto’s "Garden" series created with watercolour and pen on paper; the soft colours and fluid lines have a very serene feel to her works. If your mother loves flowers, a great way to showcase them is through Satoshi Itasaka’s "Larsen C". It highlights the beauty of the single flower it holds, with an inspirational visual of a life growing out of a block of ice - representing the sacrafice of a mother for her child. Some other great options are also the "Matisse Cut-outs" book by TASCHEN and "Nice Flavored Herb" by Akinori Tanaka, which feature brightly coloured visuals that would surely bring cheer to anyone!

For more gift suggestions for mum, see our full gift guide here.





If you’re going to splash out on mum, then you really shouldn’t neglect DAD and we’ve got a couple of gifts that would definitely appeal to the fathers out there. If there was one piece of art on The Artling that represents what dad means to us, it would be Indonesian artist Boedi Widjaja’s "Kal" - for obvious reasons! For the techie, we’ve got "World Clock" by Masafumi Ishikawa that comes in black and white. What is so cool about this clock’s unassumingly minimalist design is that it supports twelve major time zones at a simple rotation, making it a great way to stay connected with constantly travelling family members. Another great gift idea is the "Luxury Tower" series by local design duo Studio Juju, which keeps objects stylishly housed in a black bubble encased in acrylic, and brings to together two seemingly dichotomous concepts of transparency and opacity in a harmonious way. Another great tabletop organising solution is the "Engrave Collection", which elegantly keeps small objects that roll around easily, displayed, and come in a wide variety of sets. If your dad is a little bit of a warfare geek, "The Streamer" by Komkrit Tepthian would surely be a cool piece of art to have!

For more gift suggestions for dad, see our full gift guide here.





Another important person in our lives - perhaps the most important person - is our SIGNIFICANT OTHER and life partner, and we’ve got some great his and hers options in our list. Singaporean designer Olivia Lee recently collaborated with local book binders, Bynd Artisan, on series of multi-functional ‘books’, entitled Books of Life. "Book of Secrets" doubles up as a jewellery box, which any woman would love to have on her dresser. Bonus points if you drop a little something sparkly in as a surprise. Another great gift would be a print by Sheung Yiu "Photo Of The Sky" that she could hang above her bedside table or in her office; the soft pink shade is really of-the-moment! We all know that men can be pretty messy, misplacing keys or coins, this "Landscape Tray by PATAPiAN" is aesthetically gorgeous, while doubling as a catch-all for odds and ends like watches and coins. Some other ideas are John Clang’s photobook, aptly named, 'Being Together' and "Flowers and Jamorinsky" by the Japanese master of sensual photography, Nobuyoshi Araki.

For more gift suggestions for your significant other, see our full gift guide here.





Some of us spend more time in the office than we do at home, and by that extension, with our BOSS. The controller of our paychecks and leave approval, the holidays is a great way to curry up - I mean show your appreciation - for your boss. Being a manager or executive is a stressful job, being responsible for many other people, hence we have chosen artworks or objects that focus on serenity and calm. Everyone knows the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy, so this "Censer" by Saccal Design House would be perfect given its multi-functional purpose of being a diffuser, burner and tea light. If you want something that your boss can display in their office (so you can show off to your colleagues what a good gift giver you are), something like "Huangshan Untitled 2" by Bonbon Wang brings to mind the calming landscapes of Chinese Ink painting, while "TAMPOPO" by Takao Inoue would sit pretty on a desk - a single dandelion suspended in a block of acrylic gives out some serious zen vibes. Other great options include "A Meaningful Sphere Series" by Korean artist Yoon Sol and a beautiful "Illusion Cloud" scarf by Amelia Pang in the calming Azure design.

For more gift suggestions for your boss, see our full gift guide here.





Finally, but definitely most importantly, is the gift for the BEST FRIEND. He or she is the one that takes your side when your parents are giving you grief, comforts you in your break ups, and goes drinking with you when work is going wayward. Nothing shows your gratitude more than a well-thought out gift. The "Corporate Cup" by Saccal Design House is a great gift that can either work as a pen or makeup brush holder. Its sleek design would look gorgeous on a dressing table or a desk top. Speaking of dressing tables, this "Craft Combine Mirror" is a great way to have your friend think of you as they get ready for the day ahead! The gorgeous design is a great perk up to any dreary morning. If your friends are superstitious about mirrors, perhaps a print by Takashi Murakami from his "And Then" series for those into street brands like Vans and Billionaire Boys Club, or even fans of Kaws, would be recognisable to those who have seen his collaborations with these labels. If the price point is too steep, "Lost in a Little Garden" by Manisa Lekprayoon is a fun print to hang in a hallway. And because you are such a fantastic gifter, a note card set from Olivia Lee’s collection for Bynd Artisan is the perfect present for your friend to write a ‘thank you’ note to you!

For more gift suggestions for your best friend, see our full gift guide here.



With so many options on The Artling, we know you will definitely find that perfect gift for the holidays. Whatever you choose, at the end of the day, make sure it’s accompanied by a heartfelt card - nothing expresses your appreciation more than your genuine feelings towards that person. Happy gift giving!



Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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