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The First Edition of S.E.A. Focus is Here!


The First Edition of S.E.A. Focus is Here!
All images courtesy of the author

It’s been a whirlwind of an art week for Singapore this 2019 to say the least, yet spirits were high at S.E.A. Focus’s first ever Vernissage last night. An STPI project, S.E.A. Focus is Singapore's newest boutique art fair. Emi Eu of STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery and Audrey Yeo of Yeo Workshop lead this initiative, with efforts aimed at making Singapore the nucleus for contemporary Southeast Asian art.

Hundreds packed out the three blocks in Gillman Barracks where art fair resides, with works by familiar artists both local and regional, works by artists making their debut in Singapore, and even works commissioned specifically for this fair. Navigating through this fair block to block, there was a sense of overwhelming positivity. Conversations with those in the art world revealed that artworks had been quickly nabbed by buyers, with some iconic pieces finding new ownership with notable collectors. Conversations with galleries also provided a positive glimpse into the future of this fair, with many happy to talk about how smooth, effortless and professional the process of setting up had been. 

With rave reviews, a vivacious crowd at its opening night, and an impressive showcase of works from the region and further, sentiments are strong that S.E.A. Focus will continue on to establish itself further as a Singapore Art Week highlight for years to come. 

The Artling Artzine brings you these highlights from S.E.A. Focus: 


The Columns 

Ruben Pang at Chan + Hori Contemporary 

Detail, Ruben Pang

Latiff Mohidin, Chan + Hori Contemporary 

Josh Kline, 47 Canal 

Commonwealth and Commons, 47 Canal 

Gallery VER

Tulip Duong, CUC Gallery 

CUC Gallery 

Tent B of S.E.A. Focus 

Artists Jamie Teo Si Ru and Priyageetha Dia at Art Porters 

Jamie Teo Si Ru 

Nadi Gallery 

Nadi Gallery 

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Niagara Gallery 

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, Niagara Gallery 

Gallery Quynh 

Art-2 Gallery



Art Seasons 

Yavuz Gallery 

Jeremy Sharma, Sullivan+Strumpf 

Dawn Ng, Sullivan+Strumpf 

Jan Manton Art 

Octora, Gajah Gallery 

Shooshie Sulaiman, Tomio Koyama Gallery

The Drawing Room 

Wetterling Teo Gallery 

Anthony Poon, Wetterling Teo Gallery 

Faris Nakamura, Richard Koh Fine Art 

Suzann Victor, STPI 


RUCI Art Space 

Cheong Soo Pieng, artcommune gallery 


For more information on S.E.A. Focus, click here.
For more information on Singapore Art Week, click here

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