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The Sixth Edition of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair is Here!


The Sixth Edition of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair is Here!
Image courtesy of ART021

The sixth edition of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair is here! Returning to the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 8 to 11 November 2018, 103 premier galleries from 30 cities of 18 countries and regions are in participation this year, presenting an eminent collection of contemporary art. With an exhibition space of over 12,00 square metres, ART021 spreads across the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from the Western Hall No. 1 to the Dome Hall, the Central Hall and the Eastern Hall No. 1. 

As a leading contemporary art fair in China, ART021 has been generously supported by the Cultural Development Special Fund of Jing’an District of Shanghai, as well as honourably selected as part of the programming of China Shanghai International Arts Festival for six years continuously.


Image courtesy of David Zwirner 

Fair Highlights

Launching DETOUR curatorial section
ART021 introduces its curatorial section, DETOUR. DETOUR investigates discourses from regions beyond the Euro-American fabricated geographic networks and canonized narratives, with the hope of understanding artistic, intellectual, social, political and economic exchanges and developments on a global scale from different viewpoints. ART021 will appoint one curator per year to oversee DETOUR, which will become one of the fair’s permanent sections.

Inaugurating public art programme BEYOND-EXTENDS
ART021 will also launch Beyond Extensions in 2018, a newly designed extension of the fair’s existing public programme BEYOND. The section aims to integrate contemporary art installations into public life by showcasing them outside the fair exhibition space in the heart o the city. Through artist collaborations, BEYOND-EXTENDS promotes public art in China and engages with the local Shanghai community.


Image courtesy of The Third Line 

Supporting the local Chinese market and collectors
As one of the most outstanding contemporary art fairs in China,  ART021 is committed to leveraging local recourses with a global perspective, supporting contemporary Chinese art and cultivating a new generation of domestic collectors. In its sixth edition, 61 galleries come from  China representing more than half of the participants. Among them, 23 domestic galleries have continuously participated for the past five years.

Including less represented emerging markets
Along with welcoming a large number of returning blue-chip galleries, ART021 aims to expand its geographical territory and to introduce market attention to less represented emerging regions. ART021 newly features galleries from emerging markets, such as Latin America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Asia, representing 18 participating countries and regions and 30 cities across the globe. By introducing galleries from Australia, Austria, Portland, UAE, India, Mexico and Canada, ART021 strives for its diversity and inclusion, making an unparalleled showcase for international contemporary art.


Image courtesy of Perrotin 

The 4 sections of ART021

MAIN GALLERIES – This is the primary section of the fair, this year featuring 78 exhibitors specialising in contemporary art. 16 galleries will participate for the very first time, including Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (New York), Ceysson & Bénétiére (Paris), PilarCorrias (London), DAG, (New Delhi), KASMIN (New York), kurimanzutto (Mexico City), Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery (Hongkong), Liang Project Co Space (Shanghai), kamel mennour (Paris), Nukaga Gallery (Tokyo), Shixian Space (Beijing), Sies + Höke Galerie (Düsseldorf), Szydlowski Gallery (Warszawa), The Third Line (Dubai), Yavuz Gallery (Singapore)

APPROACH - Participating galleries of this section will either present a solo or a  group show with a curatorial theme featuring less than three of their represented artists. This year,  18 galleries will take part in this section. Below galleries are participating for the first time in this sector:

Aroundspace Gallery (Shanghai), Artdepot (Beijing), Aura Gallery / Aura.A Gallery (Beijing/Shanghai), Blindspot Gallery (Hong Kong), Gallery Kogure (Tokyo), Klowden Mann (Culver City), Mofeimo Gallery (Qingdao), Qi Mu Space (Beijing), Zizai Space Gallery (Shanghai).


Image courtesy of Pace Gallery 

BEYOND - The public art programme showcases large-scale paintings, sculptures and installations. Located in the public area of  ART021, it provides visitors with the opportunity to experience works by international artists besides the art fair booths.  Japanese artist Miwa Komatsu from Whitestone Gallery will give  a live painting performance, intriguing her audience with a meditative experience. Untitled, a large-size acrylic on textile painting by Katharina Grosse from Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder will be displayed under the dome of Shanghai Exhibition Center, opening up dimensions that go beyond painting.

DETOUR:  LIVED  WORLDS - curated by Cesar Garcia of The Mistake  Room, Los  Angeles. Lived Worlds, moves beyond the exhausted paradigms of trade and exchange that have come to shape our understanding of the Pacific Rim region and highlights instead the lived worlds of peoples who reside there. Not interested in furthering a dichotomy of global vs. local, the special section attempts to shed light on embodied forms of belonging, on new kinds of regionalism forged through the intimate and quotidian legacies of cultural contact. At the heart of this section is an attempt to grasp, if only briefly, what Irit Rogoff has termed a formless state of connectedness between people. Through a focused selection of gallery booth presentations, a video program, and a conversation series, the  special  section  will  aim  to  show  how  ancestral  knowledge  forms,  non-textual  forms  of  inscription, human and other-than-human relationships, natural and built environments, and systems of value and belief have been impacted by the global turn but not fully defined by it. What emerges from the work in the section is a human story across oceans — a set of interwoven narratives about people whose ways of being and knowing cannot be reduced to discourses of exchange. Participating galleries of the DETOUR section are:

Bank (Shanghai), Gaga (Mexico City), Ghebaly Gallery (Los Angeles), Catriona Jeffries (Vancouver), JOSÉGARCÍA ,MX (Mexico City), Shulamit Nazarian (Los Angeles), Páramo (Guadalajara), Special Non-profit Space: The Mistake Room (Los Angeles)


For more information on this year’s edition of ART021, click here.


Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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