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The Artling’s Top Selling Artists of All Time


The Artling’s Top Selling Artists of All Time

The Artling brings you their top selling artists and designers. Over the last five years, The Artling has grown to represent over 2000 artists and designers across Asia, whilst working with over 200 galleries. Looking to acquire new pieces of art or design? These following individuals and design studios have topped our most successful list reaching collectors from all over the region and serve as great starting points. Read on to find out more about what makes them stand out above the rest.

In no particular order, here are our top selling artists:


Jatinder Singh Durhailay


Jatinder Singh Durhailay is a London-based artist and musician. He has been actively painting since graduating from the University of the Arts, London in 2011, predominantly depicting stunning images of Sikh culture. His vibrant drawings and watercolor works have reached collectors worldwide, having exhibited internationally from Portugal to Japan, Norway to Canada. Viewers note that his oeuvre cannot be confined to Contemporary Indian Art or British Contemporary Painting, with its intriguing nature continuing to be garnered around the world.



The Balancing Act

Aman Khanna is a graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor and a visual storyteller. After graduating in graphic and information design from London College of Communication in 2004, Aman worked in London for a year and then set up his own design studio, ‘Infomen’ in London and ‘Infonauts’ in New Delhi, which he continues to run from New Delhi. Aman’s quirky characters in his Claymen series and their iconic forms tease viewers, drawing their attention to the pages of many international publications including Harvard Business publications, The Guardian newspaper, The Times newspaper, and the Wall Street Journal.

"Claymen figures come in peace and maintain silence. Although going through their own existential crises at all times they are mere spectators or observers to the notion that “man is losing his humanity and becoming a thing amongst the things he produces.”
- Aman Khanna 


Eko Nugroho

Replacing Myself 4

Imbued with macabre humour and satire, Nugroho’s comic-inspired works may come across as seemingly straightforward – often a central figure standing against a simple background, presented as a series of simple scenes from a larger narrative­while the artist’s inimitable ‘pating tlecek’ style of fusing and juxtaposing a wide range of visual elements (and languages), lends his work a certain layer of absurdity.

Born and raised in Yogyakarta, Eko Nugroho has been recognized as one of the most popular and accessible interpreters of contemporary experience. Eko is also the founder of Daging Tumbuh, an artist collective that adopts copyleft principles and photocopying as the distribution method of choice.


Hengki Koentjoro

Mangroves Rhythm (left) & MONOHYDRA (right)

An accomplished Indonesian photographer, Koentjoro specializes in black and white images of nature that exude a sense of minimalism in their complexities. He trained at the Brooks Institute of photography in Santa Barbara, California, allowing him to delve further into advances of film production and fine art photography. Having now settled back in Jakarta, Koentjoro is now a freelance videographer and video editor for nature documentaries and corporate profiles. He continues to explore black and white photography through the borderlines of light and shadow and yin and yang.

"Photography can never be separated from the aspects of making the common things unusual, welcoming the unexpected, indulging and embracing ourselves with the joy of photography"
- Hengki Koentjoro


Saccal Design House

Desk Unit (left) & Still Life (right) 

Saccal Design House, located in Beirut Lebanon, was founded in 2014 by two sisters Nour and Maysa Saccal. The company provides interior design and architecture services as well as product design. Nour Saccal is an architect who completed her graduate studies at the Barcelona Institute of Architecture with an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut. Maysa Saccal is an interior architect who graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

Through product design, Saccal Design House aims to explore design in different mediums/materials to invite emotion and even a sense of confusion in a positive sense. Designed elements are not solely thought of as static objects; instead as tools for engendering actions, reactions and sensibilities.

They launched their first product collection in June 2015 in Beirut and have been on a journey to showcase their designs around the world. Their philosophy is simple: whether it is a high rise or a piece of furniture, good design can generate emotion and make life a little more optimistic.


Ernest Goh

The Gift Book No. 007 (left) & The Walk (right)

Ernest Goh is a visual artist whose work focuses on ecological relationships. His fascination with the natural world began as a boy at his grandmother’s rural kampung in Singapore, wading in streams looking for fish and jumping into bushes searching for spiders. His bright and vibrant images of animals presented with quizzical mannerisms consistently intrigue and capture the attention of viewers, leaving them fascinated through new perspectives.

His animal portraits have been published in The Fish Book (2011), Cocks (2013, republished as Chickens in the US in 2015), and The Gift Book (2014). His recent work was presented in the solo exhibition Breakfast at 8 Jungle at 9 (Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore, 2015). Ernest has received the Discernment Award at the ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu Awards, Singapore (2012), Sony World Photography Award (2013) and an award of excellence from Communication Arts Photography Annual, USA (2013). He is also the creative director of The Animal Book Co., which works with animal welfare groups through art and design.


Studio KDSZ

Li-Wai series (full set- 6 pcs)

Studio KDSZ’s philosophy is that of artisan, culture and creativity. In their designs, be it small or large scale, there is an emphasis on concept, simplicity, proportion, and the harmonies of relationships between lines and space. With their diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, their products perform strong qualities of design and bring new possibilities dedicated to contemporary oriental and western lifestyle.

Over the course of a few years, KDSZ has been invited to the exhibition such as “ASIA TALENTS“ in BIG+BIH fair Bangkok, “KEEP IT GLASSY II” of SHMOG and “ALCHEMY” in SMB Berlin. Works have been published on international lifestyle, design media including designboom, ELLE DECOR Italia and Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. In 2014, Li-Wai series was named “The Best Kitchen Gear” from FastCo Design and the "Embrace" armchair designed for Poltrona Frau Award 2015 received the 3rd of the occupational design group. They have also had success with pop-up shows held by The Artling at its Collectible Design showcase in Hong Kong in 2018.


Pariwat Anantachina

SG. Scape #1

A graphic designer and independent artist, Pariwat had his roots in architecture before failing to realise it over the course of his studies. He was then persuaded by a designing director to take on a career in design. Whilst this too fell through, Pariwat has found his comfort zone as an independent artist and part-time designer, additionally co-founding a publishing house, and producing artworks that grace the walls of exhibitions across internationally.

Pariwat shows no signs of slowing down, continuing to succeed through the artworks listed through not only The Artling, but also receiving critical acclaim in exhibitions from the Netherlands to Japan.


Surat Tomornsak

love is

After graduating with a Bachelor of Art Education degree from Chulalongkorn University, Surat Tomornsak started design freelance company named “try2benice” in 2006 in order to step towards his goal, working with the belief to “ try to do nice art and design for people’s eyes & mind.”

His works evoke a calmness, bringing a serendipitous lightness to any room. It is probably because of these characteristics that have accounted for the popularity of his works. Animation meets jovial characters in the narratives of his imageries, bringing an innate sense of joy.


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Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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