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Unusual Designer Chairs For a Stand Out Living Room

ByKaren Yu
Unusual Designer Chairs For a Stand Out Living Room

Paw Bench by Hakmin Lee

Are you looking for ways to infuse some quirks into your living space? Designers are getting creative when it comes to seating furniture by challenging conventional materiality and functionality, making for peculiar and almost abject pieces that question preconceived concepts and prompt potentially captivating conversations.

Thus, The Artling presents our curation for unusual designer chairs that make your living room stand out!


Trash to Treasure Chair by Adir Yakobi

Recycling and repurposing have been an integrated practice in a lot of design studios as we progress into a more sustainable lifestyle, Adir Yakobi is one of them! Presenting his Trash to Treasure Chair made out of entirely recycled trash.

"His artistic statement minimizes practicality in order to give expression to his objects’ formalist aesthetics" - Adir Yakobi

This abstract chair is a combination of paper tubes and nylon bags being transformed into a steady structure. Stylish in form, yet a piece of sustainability!


Loop Chair II by Jason Mizrahi

In contrast to its stiff wooden materiality, the Loop Chair II is constructed in fluidity as it expands upon Jason Mizrahi's continuous theme of creating contemporary designs that strike a balance between furniture and sculpture. The base of this chair presents itself in continuous ovoid loops leading up to the backrest of the chair, creating never-ending curved surfaces throughout the entire piece and giving an overall softer silhouette.


Carpet Chair by Mousarris

Indulge in this whimsical Carpet Chair where two furniture pieces merge into one to create this illusion of a flying carpet. Mousarris integrates the juxtaposition of structural integrity by combining the rigidness of a chair with the softness of a textile, eliciting a harmoniously contrasting piece that makes you float as you sit!


Paw Bench by Hakmin Lee

Chairs typically have legs but this one has paws! Paw Bench by Hakmin Lee stands lively that incorporates elements of toy figurines, cartoons and street art to evoke an element of playfulness into his collection. Its aluminium sand casting casts a stark juxtaposition to the playfulness as he aims to blur lines between play and luxury fashion, bringing an element of humour into an urbanized piece.


Steel and stone lounge chair by Batten and Kamp

Another design studio that bridges furniture design and sculpture names itself Batten and Kamp. Their Steel and stone lounge chair explains the piece itself, presenting its unique juxtaposition of man-made steel as the seat and natural stone as its base. The choice of materiality that constructs the form of this chair makes for a piece that's both unique and modern!


Duplet chair by Daeun Kim

We've seen sofas, benches, and single chairs, but the Duplet chair by Daeun Kim expands itself into two connecting parts, depicting a series of notes connecting two masses into one. This chair, or chairs, is multifunctional as it allows users to sit or have either part be used as a side table. As its made of fiberglass and coated with black car paint, the Duplet chair sits fluidly in both its form and functionality.


Super Jardim Blue by Cultivado Em Casa

When it comes to unconventional furniture, Cultivado Em Casa hits the right spot with their Super Jardim Blue chair! Made out of a 200 meters continuous garden hose with one end of a faucet and the other a splash, this studio prompts an important dialogue surrounding the conscious use of water.

"When transporting the hose to another context of use, without water flow, Super jardim reflects on the waste of natural resources." - Cultivado em Casa

As this chair sparks up important discussions, it also makes for a great statement piece with its vivid blue and unconventional material choice that is sure to ring around the chatter of your guests.


Gravel Chair by Philipp Aduatz

An experimental design piece produced by Philipp Aduatz, this Gravel Chair is a polystyrene foam model that was shaped by hand and cast with resin and glass fibre. The final finishing was then entirely covered by a stone carpet, giving its iconic gravel texture.

"The experimentation with different materials and their behavior is an important part of his research at the intersection of design and sculpture." - Philipp Aduatz

Interestingly, as this chair appears to seem weighted due to its dense composition, the materials used are lightweight enough that it gives juxtaposition to its weighted appearance! 


Berserker chair by Barberini & Gunnell

Made of mirror polished stainless steel with upholstering in genuine aquamarine leather, Berserker chair rests sleekly in its folded structure. Barberini & Gunnell's inspiration for this was the folds of a paper and to reproduce this shape by giving it body and resistance without losing the windiness of its curves.

To top off this chair is a cushion that resembles a living organism that hugs the chair tightly and 'grows' on it, giving a contrast to the coldness and hardness of the metal. As with most living organisms that are known to be multifunctional, this chair also manifests as one when it can be used as a side-table and magazine rack when tipped over.


Urban Philosophy Chair by Nissa Kinzhalina

Last but not least, a delicately constructed chair that tests one's perception of the space it sits in. The Urban Philosophy Chair by Nissa Kinzhalina is made of acrylic glass and has a solid and complete silhouette that gives it stability and manifests the unpredictability of its curves. 

"Through these observations, she developed a unique form of spatial awareness that allows her to imagine physical objects and how they look from different angles, even if those objects don’t yet exist." - Nissa Kinzhalina

Despite it being minimal in its visual appeal, its deliberate dark outlines give an illusion that draws one's eyes closer for a challenge in perception!

We hope you've enjoyed our curation of unusual chairs. If you would like to browse more of our peculiar curation, check out our collection here!

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