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VIP Opening of Collectible Design in Hong Kong

ByGrace Ignacia See
VIP Opening of Collectible Design in Hong Kong

Pun + Projects & The Artling presented their first collaboration: a curated showcase of collectible design items from a select group of Asian designers. On show until 28 October 2018, this pop up features limited edition design objects, tableware, furniture and other collectible design items, and showcases a curated selection of interesting design objects from regional designers from India, Korea, Japan, Thailand & more.

At The Factory in Hong Kong, its opening night on the 16th of October saw over 150 guests in attendance, interacting and discovering the design items. For some designers, this was their debut to the Hong Kong design scene. The Artling brings you a peek at this event’s opening night:

Installation views of Collectible Design - Presented by Pun + Projects & The Artling

Admiring products from Asian contemporary designers 

Ivan Pun and Yvonne Fong

Diana Lee and Hannah Chin

Claire Hsu-Vuchot

Antonia Li and Feiping Chang

Karyn Lim, Hee Kyung Sul and Ok Kim

Alvin Tjitrowirjo and Kim Tay

Ivan Pun and Wendy Lee

Loui Lim and Jonathan Cheung

Pierre Lamuniere, Talenia Phua Gajardo, Robin Tyrangiel

Shasha Tittman and Michel Lamuniere

Justin Ng and Tina Leung

Ivan Pun and Talenia Phua Gajardo 

To find out more about Collectible Design - Presented by Pun + Projects & The Artling, click here

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