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Void Deck Opens in Singapore!

ByJenevieve Kok
Void Deck Opens in Singapore!

'ACU Red God of Wealth BE@RBRICK' by Jahan Loh. Image courtesy of Void Deck

On 28 December 2021, Void Deck officially opened its doors to the public at 425 Race Course Road in Singapore. Co-founded by Jazz Li, Cheo Ming Shen, and Jahan Loh, Void Deck is a new art and cultural space that was created for art-lovers to interact and spark conversations and connections.

Void Deck is a transdisciplinary content collaborator that specialises in elevating the art experience in Singapore and Southeast Asia through multi-channel partnerships with brands, artists, and communities.

Image courtesy of Void Deck

Void Deck launched with its first showcase featuring the works of Singaporean artist Jahan Loh, an institutional pop artist whose designs have adorned a range of collectibles from G-Shock watches to Vans skateboarding shoes. In conjunction with the art space's official launch and first showcase, BE@RBRICK collectible toys designed by Loh in collaboration with ACU will be offered via a raffle on their web store. 

BE@RBRICKs are amongst the world’s most collectible toys and the brand has been around since 2001. Over the years has partnered popular artists and global brands, ranging from KAWS and Yue Minjun to Nike and Comme des Garçons, to produce their own limited-edition versions of the toy, many of which have since soared in value on the secondary market. These collectibles are usually extremely difficult to obtain from official releases or drops, and when they subsequently appear on the secondary market, they are offered at marked-up prices and often sold at multiples of their original prices.

Image courtesy of Void Deck

Loh's collectible BE@RBRICKs are titled God of Wealth and are available in red. Collected by international celebrities, this sought-after piece features the traditional Chinese idiom 招財進寶, which means “ushering in wealth and prosperity”, on the chest of the BE@RBRICK. The artist’s signature is also imprinted on the piece. The God of Wealth BE@RBRICK collectible will be available in three sizes with the smallest standing at 7cm tall and are known as 100% BE@RBRICKs in relation to their size on the BE@RBRICK size chart. The larger pieces stand at 28cm tall (400% BE@RBRICKs) and 70cm tall (1000% BE@RBRICKs).

Prosperity Print by Jahan Loh. Image courtesy of Void Deck

About the Founders

Jazz Li
Jazz Li is a successful cultural entrepreneur with an overriding interest in how art, culture, and mass media can better interact. He founded Enviseam as his vehicle to help bring art to a wider, more inclusive public by serving as the global platform for artists, entertainers, and key opinion leaders, from across disciplines and industries to come together to reach and influence cultural consumers by sharing their stories and encouraging others to write their own.

Jazz frequently takes the road less travelled, enjoying his role as a contrarian and a challenger of convention – a trait he was born with and which manifested early and is perhaps more easily understood when we note his computer engineering background and ongoing love of computer code hacking! Today, Jazz’s unique worldview – combining the logical engineering lens and deeply intuitive artistic sensibility – enables him to bring together seemingly disparate concepts to connect the worlds of art and entertainment.

Jazz shares that Void Deck is a base for him to promote awesome, cool, and relatable art to the public by way of limited-edition prints and highly sort-after art collectibles. He emphasizes that Void Deck is not a traditional art dealership. “This is going to be THE IT place for international celebrities and artists to chill out and it will also serve as a portal for all kinds of people to access the coolest stuff by the world’s best artists – it is inclusive but exclusive. I feel that the great cities of today can use more relatable art spaces that celebrate unpretentious art – we are bringing everyone into the world of art – our world is of art, and we are all works of art.”

Cheo Ming Shen
Ming is a serial entrepreneur. In 2006, he co-founded regional social media company, Netccentric, a pioneer in social media influencer marketing, and in 2015, led it as CEO through a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. After exiting in 2020, he took on a more active role as a private investor in regional startups. He is currently the CEO of Vemimo Group, a fast-fashion e-commerce multi-label company and parent of Our Second Nature. He is also an avid art collector of contemporary art.

Jahan Loh
Singaporean contemporary artist Jahan Loh forayed into street art in the early '90s. Credited as the originator of Chinese wild style, Jahan’s works are exhibited internationally, collected by superstars, high net-worth individuals and international institutions including Mandopop legends Jay Chou and JJ Lin, among others. His works were selected by the Andy Warhol foundation to be showcased at 15 Minutes Eternal, at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. The National Museum of Singapore presented his installation Intergalactic Dreams as its centrepiece.  Jahan has collaborated extensively with established brands. Over the last three years, his Medicom Be@rbrick collaborations with Chinese streetwear brand ACU have sold out in mere minutes, setting unprecedented records in the secondary market.

Image courtesy of Void Deck

Address: 425 Race Course Road, 218671, Singapore
Opening Hours: 12 - 3pm
Thursdays to Mondays (including public holidays)
Click here to read more about Void Deck!

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