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'What's Up' Hong Kong

ByJustin Ng
'What's Up' Hong Kong

Michael Xufu Huang

Art lovers got together on the Sunday before the commencement of art week in Hong Kong to celebrate the opening of Lawrence Van Hagen’s inaugural show 'What’s Up in HK' - co-hosted with Michael Xufu Huang of MWoods. 

Lawrence Van Hagen is the curator of the What's Up exhibitions which present dynamic surveys dedicated to supporting emerging artists, often by creating a dialogue between them and the more institutional artists.  Michael Xufu Huang is an avid Collector and the Founder of M WOODS, a Contemporary Art Museum based in Beijing. 

All images by Justin Ng.


Christie Chu, Alex Logsdail, Bianca Chu & Geoffrey Chuang.

Edward Chui & Greg McNamara.

Geoffrey Chuang.

Greg McNamara.

Leslie Sun,  Yvonne Fong & Loui Lim.

Liz Li & Nicole Ching.

Loui Lim, Yvonne Fong, Justin Ng & Leslie Sun.

Talenia Phua Gajardo.

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