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Your Guide to Singapore Art Week 2023!

ByJenevieve Kok
Your Guide to Singapore Art Week 2023!

Image courtesy of Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore Art Week (SAW) returns with its 11th edition from 6 to 15 January 2023! Helmed by the National Arts Council (NAC), the event brings together local and international art enthusiasts, collectors, and the curious to congregate at Singapore's premier visual arts season. An annual pinnacle event in Asia’s visual arts calendar, SAW 2023 will see over 700 artists and curators from Singapore and around the globe to present more than 130 programmes and exhibitions. 

This edition serves as a nexus for creative collaborations where artists can expand new forms of art even beyond their usual practice, providing a platform for them to build capabilities and strengthen cross-sector collaborations such as Art x Design and Art x Tech. With its continued focus on thought leadership, SAW 2023 will also present a consolidation of panels and talks featuring invited artists and experts to share insights and experiences on pertinent topics in the art world today. Bringing together players from the Singapore and international visual arts ecology, this edition will also see two significant art fairs taking place – homegrown art platform S.E.A. Focus, as well as the inaugural edition of ART SG. With the return of the Singapore Pavilion from the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia and the ongoing Singapore Biennale, SAW 2023 exemplifies the strength and unity of Singapore's visual arts community in creating a distinctive city for the arts.

With the theme of Play, this year's edition of SAW encourages audiences to explore our personal connection with our surroundings. It aims to spark meaningful and spontaneous interactions in the community. Drawing upon the creative energy of the city, SAW 2023 encourages audiences to look beyond the white cube and consider different forms and materials that art can take and casts a spotlight on the intersection between art and other sectors, including design and technology

Scroll down to check out some of the upcoming highlights! 

Image courtesy of S.E.A. Focus.

S.E.A. Focus is a leading showcase and art market hub dedicated to Southeast Asian contemporary art. A meeting point for artistic vision and vigour, S.E.A. Focus brings together a fine curation of established and yet-to-be-discovered artistic talents, providing a platform that propels diverse cultural exchanges and provokes dialogue about Southeast Asian art. 

Centred around the theme 'a world, anew', S.E.A. Focus 2023 explores the idea of new beginnings and how vast potential can be found in minuscule or humble sources. Alongside a curated exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Distripark is an exciting line-up of experiences to engage art lovers, from seasoned collectors to curious enthusiasts, including a curated film programme of artists' video works, stimulating conversations with industry thought leaders and exclusive access to art spaces.

Where: Tanjong Pagar Distripark, 39 Keppel Road #01-05, Artspace@Helutrans, Singapore 089065
When: 6 - 15 January 2023

Image courtesy of the Singapore Art Museum.

The seventh edition of Singapore Biennale 2022 (SB2022), named Natasha, was conceived as exploratory spaces for audiences to wander, rest, and converse. Organised by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and commissioned by the NAC, audiences can embark on a journey with Natasha, its artists, and collaborators and re-discover different perspectives of viewing and relating to the world and the transformative potentials of life and relationships within it. 

Since its launch in October 2022, the Singapore Biennale 2022 has continued to evolve and transform our experience of found spaces with new encounters. In January 2023, a diverse range of public programmes will take place during SAW, including biennale editions of SAM Late Nights, SAMily Funday, and artist-led workshops and activations by Wu Mali, Zarina Muhammad and the Nina bell FHouse Museum project.

When: 16 October 2022 - 19 March 2023

Image courtesy of National Gallery Singapore.

Light to Night 2023 embraces the theme of 'Here and Now' and explores what it really means to be in the present. Inspired by the process of responding to one's time and the environment through art, the festival invites visitors to reflect on contemporary topics through newly commissioned works by local and international artists in the Civic District. With a series of multidisciplinary programmes, the festival is an opportunity for spontaneous and ephemeral encounters with art, as well as moments of contemplation on the world and who we are now.

When: 6 - 26 January 2023
Where: Civic District Singapore: National Gallery Singapore, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, Asian Civilisations Museum, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, FUNAN Underground Pedestrian Link

Botanical Installation celebrating the launch of ART SG. Conceptualised by London-based design studio The Plant, with tropical foliage native to Singapore composed by This Humid House. Image by The Primary Studio/Dju-Lian Chng.

ART SG is Southeast Asia’s largest-ever art fair and Asia Pacific’s biggest art fair launch in a decade. Presenting over 150 leading galleries from around the world, the inaugural edition of ART SG offers a meeting point in Southeast Asia for collectors and buyers from the region and beyond to convene and engage with one of the world’s most dynamic cultural landscapes. Bringing progressive concepts and curation to the Singapore art scene, ART SG will feature internationally renowned galleries alongside the best Singapore and Southeast Asian art spaces. The showcase includes exceptional artworks across different mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and installations, as well as new experimentations in digital and blockchain art. 

When: 11 - 15 January 2023
Where: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Image courtesy of National Gallery Singapore. 

Liu Kuo-sung: Experimentation as Method is the largest exhibition by a Singapore public museum dedicated to the Chinese ink master, Liu Kuo-sung, which celebrates his artistic career spanning 70 years. This retrospective show traces Liu's creative evolution through more than 60 paintings and 150 items from the artist's personal archive, highlighting his significant innovations and contributions to the development of modern Chinese ink painting. His experiments in art go beyond the brush; Liu explores different materials and textures and even invented the "Liu Kuo-sung paper". He continuously reconstructs tradition with the modern, enabling the creation of a new approach to the time-honoured practice of Chinese ink painting.

When: 13 January – 26 November 2023
Where: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew's Rd, #01 – 01, Singapore 178957

Image courtesy of Shubigi Rao

Commissioned by NAC for the Singapore Pavilion at Biennale Arte 2022 in Venice, Pulp III: A Short Biography of the Banished Book by Shubigi Rao returns to Singapore. This presentation marks the midpoint of Shubigi Rao's ongoing ten-year project 'Pulp', which explores the history of book destruction and its impact on the future of knowledge. Set in the historic cities of print of Venice and Singapore, her film, 'Talking Leaves', explores the tales of those at the frontlines of saving books and libraries by ways of personal confidences and poetic reflections, documentary and mythopoetic languages. Her book, 'Pulp III: An Intimate Inventory of the Banished Book', chronicles her long-term artistic research process and conceptual reframing of the book and the library. Multiple screenings, together with the exhibition of the book, will take place at ArtScience Museum. At the same time, the opening premiere of the film will be held as a single event at the Capitol Theatre. As a site connected to Singapore film history and landscape, Capitol Theatre foregrounds Rao’s multidisciplinary practice as a filmmaker beyond an artist and writer.

When: 6 - 24 January 2023
Where: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974, ArtScience Museum, Level 4

Image courtesy of Moses Tan.

after/party is a series of activations and a collaboration between two independent spaces, Supper House and Starch. Premised by two anchoring exhibitions, one at Supper House and one at Starch, after/party revolves around respite, joy, play and relaxation. Inspired by nightly affairs around the world, after/party is a curated list of activities and activations proposed as spaces for audiences to peruse various forms of artistic translations.

The two exhibitions, 'Nighthawks' and 'There are Flowers in the Morning Mist', are mainstays at the two spaces during the Singapore Art Week. Throughout the evening, there are multiple activations to delve into – performance tours, artist markets and gift stores – in the vicinity to support artists and create spaces for interdisciplinary works, while also inviting the audience to partake in and appreciate the arts through independent efforts.

When: 17 December 2022 - 28 January 2023
Where: Supper House, 222 Tagore Lane, #04-03, Singapore 787603

Image courtesy of National Gallery Singapore. 

In conjunction with Light to Night 2023, Singaporean artist and designer Dawn Ng will be presenting There is a Window in My Eye if You Look in You Will See the Sky. Dawn is a multi-hyphenate visual artist, who has worked across a breadth of mediums, motives and scale, including sculpture, photography, light, film, collage, painting and large-scale installations. Her practice deals with time, memory and the ephemeral. This work is an emotive and meditative response to the festival's theme and draws attention to the passing of time. With a visual mechanic that recreates the circadian rhythm of dawn to dusk, the installation prompts visitors to reflect on the passing of time. 

When: 6 January - 26 March 2023
Where: National Gallery Singapore, Padang Atrium, 1 St Andrew's Rd, #01 – 01, Singapore 178957 

Image courtesy of SAW and NAC. 

Art After Dark returns to Gillman Barracks on 13 January 2023, Friday, with all resident galleries opening till 9 pm to celebrate Singapore Art Week 2023. Participating galleries and organisations include Art Outreach, Columns Gallery, Fost Gallery, Mizuma Gallery, NTU Center of Contemporary Art Singapore, Ota Fine Arts, Mucciaccia Gallery, Richard Koh Fine Arts, ShanghART, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Yavuz Gallery, and Yeo Workshop. 

When: 13 January 2023, 11 - 9 pm
Where: 9 Lock Rd, Singapore 108937, Gillman Barracks

Image courtesy of DECK.

Pictures in the Mind is a community arts exhibition exploring the visceral nature of public memories in relation to Peace Centre, one of Singapore’s oldest shopping malls, built in the mid-1970s. As a 50-year-old building that marked the early decades of Singapore's rapid development since its independence in 1965, Peace Centre exists as pictures in minds and memories, which might enable us to understand its life story between the 70s and now. Through public participation, interviews, archival materials, artistic interventions, and technology, Pictures in the Mind surfaces images that tell a myriad of stories, which are both true and imagined. 

When: 4 - 20 January 2023
Where: 1 Sophia Road, Singapore, 228149, Peace Centre

Image courtesy of Justin Loke.

BLOCK PARTY: Our Neighbourhood Furniture Tetris is an installation inspired by the game of Tetris. In Tetris, the act of stacking may seem simple, but it often engages us to consider the ways in which different shapes can fit together in reality. In this work, the myriad of shapes creates a visual metaphor of how diverse groups in our community can come together to form a line, keeping united and resilient against challenges. At BLOCK PARTY, multiplicity is unity, and no one is a misfit. 

When: 6 - 26 January 2023
Where: Open space in front of Blk 440 Pasir Ris Drive 4, Singapore 510440 

Image courtesy of Tiffany Loy.

Lines in Space by Tiffany Loy is an original, site-specific commission by Art Outreach that invites visitors to navigate a textile field of floor-to-ceiling line walls and explore their connections to others while being immersed in art. Designed as a labyrinth that encourages open exploration and close-looking, the installation consists of suspended and plaited cords that play off our perception of depth and create a heightened sense of awareness of how we navigate space.

Lines in Space is a continuation of Loy’s practice as a weaver in pushing the boundaries of weaving into sculptural forms and physical space and proposing new ways of experiencing colour, form and movement. A series of process pieces and past works will accompany the installation to expand on her interests.

When: 4 – 22 January 2023
Where: Art Outreach, 5 Lock Rd, #01-06 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108933

Cheong Soo Pieng, Balinese Maidens. Image courtesy of Estate of Artist and Private Collector. Photo by Joseph Nair.

Collecting Bodies: A short story about art and nudities in Asia gathers stories, histories, and encounters between 26 artists, 31 artworks, and 10 private collections. Presented by The Culture Story and curated by Dr Yanyun Chen, the exhibition considers the intricate and nuanced relationship between the act of representation and the act of collecting. Nudities, in all its plurality, serve as carriers of stories. They ask the artist, the collector, and the viewer: how is the image of a body held; how have we held our bodies in their image; and how have we carried the bodies of others?

When: 8 December 2022 - 31 March 2023
Where: The Culture Story, 2 Leng Kee Rd, #03-06, Singapore 159086

Image courtesy of NAC. 

Parallel to his ongoing presentation of 'Wayang Spaceship' at Singapore Art Museum, Ota Fine Arts Singapore will be presenting Ming Wong: Pictures from the Wayang Spaceship, the first solo exhibition of Berlin-based Singaporean artist Ming Wong with Ota Fine Arts Singapore.

When: 7 January – 26 February 2023
Where: Ota Fine Arts, 7 Lock Road #02-13, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108935 

Image courtesy of NAC. 

During the period between the year of 1999 to 2012, Melati Suryodarmo travelled to various performance art festivals and events run by independent artists or organisations, such as in Odense, Weimar, Cologne, Lublin, Kirschau, Bergen, Szezin, Prague, Mexico City, Boston, Toronto, Sydney, Bangkok, Hongkong, Mandalay, Cardiff, and many other places but not least, Singapore. She often packed all the objects, materials, and costumes she used for her performances within one baggage. 

Unpacked will present a series of performance lectures by Melati Suryodarmo in which she will revisit and reperform her short durational pieces such as “Love me tender“, “Tarung”, “the Seed”, “Eulogy”, “The dog barked at the back yard, while the eagle flew after the dark. And I....”, “Feathers Fell from Silence” and others.

When: 7 January – 12 March 2023
Where: ShanghART Gallery, 9 Lock Rd, #02-22, Singapore 108937

Image courtesy of Jane Lee and Gajah Gallery.

Neti Neti, a Sanskrit expression dating back 8000 years that approximately translates to "not this, not that", frames 15 new artworks by Jane Lee produced in collaboration with Yogya Art Lab. Looking at icons within the history of painting, the artworks in Neti Neti represent the artist’s attempts to uncover and distil the essence of painting. Through inversions of materials, proportions, and dimensionality, the works negate the boundaries between definitions demarcating the various realms of art. 

When: 5 – 29 January 2023
Where: Gajah Gallery, 39 Keppel Rd, #03-04, Singapore 089065

Image courtesy of Yanyun Chen.

Gently Savage by Yanyun Chen responds to the writings of French psychoanalyst and philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle, referencing her posthumous text, 'Power of Gentleness', where she praises the risks of living with, in, and through gentleness. She reminds us, “Gentleness is what turns traumatic intrusion into creation. It is what, during the haunted night, offers light; during mourning, a beloved face; during the collapse of exile, the promise of a shore on which to stand.” At the same time, there is an anguished form of “deadly gentleness”, where melancholia knots the body and gentleness consents to this complete disconnection, self-oblivion. It is here that Yanyun draws from conflict in gentle savagery, staging and twisting her floral motifs, object-nostalgia, and classical technique into a performance of melancholia. Living is risky, and the gently savage tumbles with the savaged gentleness.

When: 14 December 2022 – 5 February 2023
Where: Art Porters Gallery, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road Singapore, 088652

Image courtesy of indieguerillas and Mizuma Gallery.

As a continuation to their 2021 exhibition, Cosmic Waltz, in Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo, indieguerillas sees the works in their new series as a collage of their moments of joy and gratitude, which documents all the little moments and simple things in their daily life that are otherwise overlooked and taken for granted. Through nine new works featured in the exhibition, including paintings, wall installations, and sculptures, indieguerillas reminds us to adapt and to be grateful for the little moments as we live in a world that is continually changing. 

When: 13 January – 19 February 2023
Where: Mizuma Gallery, Gillman Barracks, 22 Lock Rd, #01-34, Singapore 108939

Image courtesy of John Clang.

So this is what it feels like to be free is a solo exhibition presenting three new bodies of work by visual artist John Clang. It addresses the complexities of personal privacy, self-knowledge and identity formation while navigating margins between the private, public and secret. Working at the crossroads of observation, intervention, and performance, he contemplates on how one's inner and outer subjectivities and realities are crystallised across diverse social and historical milieus.

When: 7 January – 4 March 2023
Where: FOST Gallery, Gillman Barracks, 1 Lock Rd, #01-02, Singapore 108932

Image courtesy of Zac Lee and RKFA.

In Another Day, Zac Lee showcases a body of work that centres around the everyday, depicting the most routine of acts and finding joy within them. Presented by Richard Koh Fine Art, the sombre and bleak hues further illustrate the paintings' uneventfulness and normality, such as picking up a book put down from the night before, a quick sketching session, and a Sunday afternoon. To him, everyday life is valuable — the bad times, the good times, everything in between, and everything that comes before and after. Today’s ending simply means tomorrow’s beginning. At the works’ core, it is Lee’s way of magnifying these vignettes of life onto the canvases, celebrating their simplicity as he believes that life's fulfilment is found in these everyday moments.

When: 7 – 19 January 2023
Where: Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore, Blk 47 Malan Road #01-26 Gillman Barracks Singapore 109444

The Balance by Patricia Piccinini. Image courtesy of NAC. 

Patricia Piccinini (b. 1965) is one of Australia's most important artists who represented the country at the Venice Biennale in 2003. Her practice resides in the complex sphere of the real and hyperreal, the factual and speculative. It is mindfully engaged with a wide range of ideas, from concepts of the uncanny to the advent of the cyborg, biopolitics, and posthumanism. Based on a deep curiosity for the natural world, Piccinini’s wonder situates her practice at the frontier of some of the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century.

Renowned for her enigmatic sculptures that depict hybrid humanoid creatures, Piccinini has challenged the frontiers of the hyperrealist tradition in sculpture. Working across an array of materials such as silicone, fibreglass and human hair, she creates surreal beings based upon genetic science developments and historical studies. Creatures with soulful brown eyes and long ears, scales, or webbed extremities, appear simultaneously captivating and endearing. Central to Piccinini’s practice is the dynamics between families and species, science and nature, and art and the environment. Charting a terrain in which scientific progress and ethical questions are intertwined, her sculptures challenge audiences to question our relationship with the natural world and, ultimately, what it means to be human today.

When: 6 January – 5 February 2023
Where: Yavuz Gallery, 9 Lock Rd, #02-23, Singapore 108937

Image courtesy of Yeo Workshop. 

An immersive multimedia exhibition by contemporary video artist Sarah Choo Jing, Dancing Without Touching is an alternative discourse of movement and dance in the context of ‘entertainment’ worlds (often referred to as amusement parks) in early Singapore. Presented by Yeo Workshop, The exhibition presents six subjects immersed in deliberately constructed ‘situations’, with each character projected on the interiors of individual geometric pods suggestive of time capsules, resembling origami enclosures housing star images and bodies.

When: 6 January – 26 February 2023
Where: Yeo Workshop, 47 Malan Rd, #01-25, Singapore 109444

Image courtesy of Yeoh Choo Kuan and Richard Koh Fine Art. 

In What Makes A Mountain, Yeoh Choo Kuan explores “Shan Shui”, branching from his Streaming Mountain series where his 'paint streaming' technique is employed as the element of "Shui" (water). Presented by Richard Koh Fine Art, the individual paintings are configured in an assorted format and are then placed at varying heights. The variation of heights mimics the layers and rhythm of mountain ridges, aligning with the idea of "Shan" (mountain). Through the process of paint dripping from different directions, the various gestures allow Yeoh the freedom to create and experience dynamics within each scene. To him, the process of making art and a mountain are the same, both challenge one’s perspective in understanding things differently and one must endure trials for things to be made right.

When: 7 - 19 January 2023
Where: Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore, Blk 47 Malan Road #01-26 Gillman Barracks Singapore 109444

Image courtesy of Zulkhairi Zulkiflee. 

Proximities is the first solo exhibition by Singaporean artist-curator Zulkhairi Zulkiflee. This debut exhibition at Objectifs focuses on a new video work surrounding Malay masculinities and their plural representation. At the beginning of 2020, Zulkhairi focused on the trope of the Malay Boy found in the works of Singaporean artist Cheong Soo Pieng. An indirect extension that included a visual study of colonial postcards depicting the implicit relationship of boy and crocodile, and personal photographs of his father in the eighties, Zulkhairi's consistent interest in images and visuality is rigorously anchored by the Malay male body. Here, his works circulate key themes like representation, racialized masculinities, and Malay male identity formations. In the many Malay boy(s) of Cheong’s multiple yet elusive renditions, Zulkhairi attempts to locate the Malay male in art history while unpacking underlying systems of power that have shaped and naturalized understanding of difference. When exorcised from the framings of art history - one informed by overlapping lenses of pioneer artists and their Western predecessors, the Malay boy now stands as a figure (re)moulded by contemporary currents and various intercessors. Against such discourses, the exhibition primarily focuses on a video that foregrounds Malay masculinities and their plural representations — intersecting wide-ranging sources from art history to personal meditations.

When: 11 – 30 January 2022
Where: Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film, Lower Gallery, 155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977

Image courtesy of Chand Chandramohan and Racy Lim

In true femme-pop style, fated love sky welcomes visitors to their motel of love, where play meets scheming beauty, feral confessions and short-lived devotion. Agonising over morals of joy, spectators may find themselves sliced between deep desires and loopy emotions. This space beckons your gaze into the sweet, odd, and precarious simulations created by artists Howie Kim, Léann Herlihy, Mithra Jeevananthan, Rifqi Amirul Rosli, and Weixin Quek Chong.

When: 6 - 15 January 2023
Where: Gillman Barracks, 1 Lock Road, #01-01, Singapore 108932

As Friends & Partners, WOAW Gallery Singapore

Architect’s rendering of the new WOAW Gallery Singapore at 4 Ann Siang Hill. Image courtesy of WOAW Gallery. 

WOAW Gallery Singapore will be launching its new space at Ann Siang Hill with its inaugural exhibition, As Friends & Partners. Curated by the gallery's founder Kevin Poon, this exhibition features a mix of emerging artists, all of whom are reflective of the dynamism and zeitgeist of contemporary art today. The artists include four artists from its gallery roster: Charlie Roberts (b. 1983, Kansas), Drew Englander (b. 1985, California), James Goss (b. 1956, Maryland) and Jon Burgerman (b. 1979, United Kingdom). The title is a double entendre and a celebration of WOAW Gallery's ethos: to welcome industry partners and artists into a tight-knit community that marries both the professional and personal. Committed to going beyond the commercial to create a holistic relationship focused on elevating artists' dedication to their craft, the new gallery aims to be both a nesting point and conduit for emerging and established artists to build authentic connections with the team and each other. This tightly curated line-up coincides with ART SG 2023 and illustrates the programmatic focus planned for the first year at the new gallery space in Singapore. 

When: 12 January - 4 March 2023
Where: WOAW Gallery, 4 Ang Siang Hill, Singapore 069786

Image courtesy of The Upside Space.

Following the release of text-to-image models such as DALL-E 2 and Midjourney this summer, many discussions surrounding authorship and authenticity in the age of AI have resurfaced. This exhibition responds to these rising concerns by bringing artists who utilise AI as part of their iterative process and as narrative-building tools, collaborating with AI without resigning agency over to the pre-trained models. These artists are: Rimbawan Gerilya, Jo Ho, Billie Sng, Ninaad Kothawade, and Chong Yan Chuah. These works also range from using text-to-image generation, language generation models (such as GPT-3) and generative adversarial network (GAN) models, to illustrate the wide-ranging possibilities that AI as an area of technology can offer. With this, the exhibition hopes to provide a more concrete shape and form to what “AI art” can look like and unpack the multitude and complexities of what relationships can be formed with the machine, and contribute to the growing lexicon surrounding AI and art in our collective consciousness.

When: 9 - 15 January 2023
Where: Gillman Barracks, 7 Lock Road, #01-13, Singapore 108935

Image courtesy of Yang Tianxiang. 

Great Traditions, Little Traditions is a photography exhibition featuring an international collaboration between a Singaporean and a Shanghainese visual artist. The showcase juxtaposes a foreign resident's perspective on daily rituals in Singapore with a local viewpoint on overlooked details of the island's urban folk traditions beyond religion. Exploring Singapore's high productivity and the coexistence of habits and structures that are counter-efficient, it aims to engage the community in rethinking the value of what may appear as meaningless norms in our day-to-day life.

When: 6 - 15 January 2023
Where: Gillman Barracks, 22 Lock Road #01-33, Singapore 108939

Image courtesy of Vuth Lyno.

New Works presents artworks by Hoo Fan Chon (Malaysia), Citra Sasmita (Indonesia), and Vuth Lyno (Cambodia) as part of the first cycle of SEA AiR – Studio Residencies for Southeast Asian Artists in the European Union, a pioneering programme supported by the European Union that fosters artistic development and cultural encounters between Southeast Asia and Europe. Ranging from installation and video to sculpture and painting, these artworks convey their respective engagement with the sociocultural implication of food, empowerment of women, and resilience of marginalised communities.

When: 11 January – 5 February 2023
Where: NTU CCA Singapore, Gillman Barracks, Block 38 Malan Road, Singapore 109452 

Image courtesy of Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery Singapore presents sculptures and installations that explore issues of female identity in contemporary life by acclaimed Bangladeshi artist Tayeba Begum Lipi. Although Lipi’s practice has always been rooted in themes of female marginality and the female body, the exhibition offers an autobiographical perspective related to the memory line and ageing, as the artist considers transitions in her own life as a source of inspiration.

When: 6 January – 25 February 2023
Where: Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Gillman Barracks, 5 Lock Rd, Singapore 108933

Image courtesy of Jonathan Leong.

Memes, Myths and Machines - NFT and Art Print Collection “Meme, Myths and Machines” is digital artist Jonathan Leong aka ZXEROKOOL's first solo exhibition in Singapore. The show comprises three major new NFT pieces in limited editions coupled with a physical manifestation in the form of an exhibition held at The Culture Story. "Memes, Myths and Machines" is representative of the artist’s experiences growing up from a time before the advent of digitalization, social media and meme culture. His art aims to rationalise a world that is evolving faster than ever before; where society is in flux, we are constantly switched on yet look fondly at the past. ZXEROKOOL is influenced by his childhood memories of dial-up internet, Nokia phones, retro video gaming culture and pop culture from the 1980s-90s till the present era, which serves as timestamps along his journey as a digital creator, which has now taken him deeper into the Metaverse. This exhibition aims to attract art lovers, aspiring NFT collectors and people who are curious about digital art and NFT crypto art.

When: 14 January – 20 March 2022
Where: The Culture Story, 2 Leng Kee Road, #03-06, Thye Hong Centre, Singapore 159086

Image courtesy of Yang Yongliang. 

Sullivan+Strumpf is delighted to present Yang Yongliang's solo exhibition in Singapore, Vanishing Shore. Yang’s digital Chinese landscapes have redefined traditional landscape paintings, featuring a massive amount of urban images reconstructed, and recomposed. Poetic and quaint as it appears to be when seen from a distance, it unfolds a fable of modern civilization if one takes a closer look. His works have been exhibited internationally and collected by public institutions worldwide, including the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the British Museum in London, the Paris Museum of Modern Art and National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

When: 7 – 15 January 2023
Where: Gillman Barracks, 43 Malan Road, Singapore 109443

Image courtesy of Joseph Nair, Memphis West Pictures.

Over the past decade, SAW has showcased the best of Singapore's visual arts community, representing its diversity, vibrancy, and growth. From leading art fairs, experiential programmes, exhibitions, and tours to talks and lifestyle activations, the wide range of art offerings across the island in this 2023 edition will provide access to the arts and connect it to the wider society. SAW 2023 set to take over the island with playful interventions that transform spaces, and visitors can explore their personal connection with the environment that spark meaningful yet spontaneous interactions. 

Click here to find out more about Singapore Art Week 2023! 

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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