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2018 Shenzhen International Art Fair

2018 Shenzhen International Art Fair


23 Nov - 26 Nov 18

In 2012, the Shenzhen International Art Fair (short for SIAF) Commitee has built up the first professional art fair in the city. After 6 years, we have achieved more “first places” among the others, in the aspects of scale, the visitor flow rate and the most important, the sales volume. For the coming 7th year, the committee will devote ourselves to improving the content of the exhibits, the service for the exhibitors and going towards a clearer direction, making SIAF the first choice for everyone who wants to enter the art market. In 2018, SIAF will focus on two parts of art power-the rising galleries and the hard cores. We have noticed the urge of the market, where there are more and more new collectors coming to us, selecting something unique and artistic to bring it home. As the most energetic parts in the art industry, we consider the rising galleries and the hard cores to be the best choices to satisfy our customers’ different tastes, budgets and needs.

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