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SP-Arte 2024

3 Apr - 7 Apr 24

SP-Arte has been a global arts festival since 2005, bringing together prominent art and design galleries and representing over 2,000 artists in the historic

Oscar Niemeyer Bienal Pavilion. Local museums and cultural institutions provide a robust parallel programme during the festival, including panel talks, exhibition openings, and special tours that provide an overview of So Paulo's contemporary art cycle.

SP-Arte is an important player in the Latin American art market and a significant contributor to Brazil's creative economy. SP-Foto, the typical August festival, expanded to include several artistic languages in 2022. Rotas Brasileiras aspires to develop relationships between the country's five regions by focusing on selected initiatives, whether solo or collaborative, while appreciating diversity and the cultural creation of the entire Brazilian territory.

The fair is held annually at ARCA in Vila Leopoldina, and is accompanied by a series of lectures, magazine launches, and other events related to the show's theme lines.