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High House


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Complementing the interiors is a vibrant international collection of paintings, sculptures, and digital art by artists such as media artist Naoko Tosa (Kyoto), functional art designer Eugenie Kawabata (Melbourne), Willem van Weeghel of Kinetic Objects (The Netherlands), Nicholas Ong (Singapore), Jacob Hashimoto (New York), Jung Lee (Seoul) and digital art and design studio onformative (Berlin), all brought together by visionary art consultants, The Artling. One of the larger pieces is onformative’s generative digital art which is featured on a spectacular 14m x 3m screen and changes throughout the day to suit various moods and settings.

The art curation for the space — a dynamic ensemble of emerging and established artists from across the globe — has transformed HighHouse into a transmedia wonderland that offers endless discovery as guests flow through the various spaces.

The Artling’s Kim Tay and Madi Amin say, “It's great to see a public space in Singapore filled with artworks across such diverse media. It creates an engaging and inspiring venue that is truly unique and one that also contributes to the local cultural landscape."

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