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BOLID InoxBy Oskar Zięta

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Material: Metal

Dimensions: 80cm (H) x 20cm (W) / 31.5" (H) x 7.9" (W)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


Production Lead Time:

This item has a production lead time of 6 weeks.


This item ships from Poland

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Artist Statement

BOLID, a streamlined object, inspired by the shape of a longboard and by the brightness of the bolide meteor, was originally created for the Pirelli flagship store in Milan. The object, made of polished steel using FiDU, aimed to meet Pirelli´s expectations of an inspirational product made in highly innovative technology. It accompanied and completed the display incarnating Pirelli’s approach to design.
Now you can have your own BOLID – to decorate a wall or a designer shelf. It is like a high-tech sculpture for the design aficionados!

Special qualities of the BOLID wall decoration:
BOLID is made of glossy steel – inflated using FiDU technology. The artistic deformations of the material create on its edges an effect of distortion, characteristic for all objects manufactured by Zieta Studio. Its special feature is that it is a steel object on wheels – just like a functional longboard.
BOLID board is an aesthetic object, an artistic variation of the shape known widely by skaters. Its functional form serves as a point of departure for a purely decorative objective – hang it on or lean it by the wall and discover the reflective power of polished steel.

Style and intended use:
One can use BOLID as a mirror of an unusual shape or as an extravagant wall object – that will attract attention and will add a pinch of contemporary vibe to a minimalist or classic interior.
The minimalistic and pure form makes it a perfect fit for the home of a skating fan or for any modern elegant ambience.

Like all objects from Zieta Studio, BOLID is also made of stainless steel polished to high gloss. It owes its subtle structure paired with extreme durability to the process used to create it – the free deformation caused by high internal pressure.

Important facts:
Like all objects made with FiDU, the BOLID mirror also has its own, particular surface’s deformations caused by the compressed air inflated into a two-dimensional form in order to give it volume. The front and back are even, while the edges are characterized by distinctive folds and creases that make every BOLID a unique work of art.


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Artist Profile

Born: 1975
Hometown: Zielona Góra
Based in: Wroclaw

Oskar Zięta is an artist fascinated with the formal properties of metals, which he transforms into sculptures that play with the senses, often intimidate with their scale and cross the border between what is possible and what is only imagined. In his works, he uses his original method of metal …


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