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Cocar Chair - PlainBy Yankatu - Design With Soul

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US$ 3,430



Material: Wood

Limited Edition

Dimensions: 92cm (H) x 49cm (W) x 64cm (D) / 36.2" (H) x 19.3" (W) x 25.2" (D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.


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Artist Statement

Through a careful observation, full of respect and admiration, every day I understand a little more about this fascinating universe and the incredible artists that translate it through their hands. The Alma-Raíz collection is born from my ever-deepening research of Brazilian identity. Sometimes it takes freedom to see the obvious. The braided tucumã straw is sturdy and beautiful, the use of it in furniture was just a matter of allowing myself not to follow established standards. The traditional sousplat is re-read and becomes the center of attention in the back of “Cocar” Chair. Made in Cabreúva wood, this chair is a conscious recreation of local tradition.

Tucumã straws, a palm typical of the Amazon Forest, receives natural dyeing with pigments also found in the region as caapiranga, margarataia, crajiru, jenipapo and urucum. Indigenous ancestry that crosses generations and today flows gracefully through the hands of Urucureá artisans, who braid the straw on the banks of the Arapiuns River, in Pará. Naturally dyed straw has unique characteristics that never repeat. Due to this process, the colors fade more easily than industrial ones; this is not considered a defect, it’s a way for it to tell its own story. At the time of ordering, you should check what options are available.

The dyeing of the straws is done by artisans of Urucureá riverside community, who also braided the straws creating traditional prints from Arapiuns river region.


Artist Profile

Born: 2015
Hometown: São Paulo
Based in: São Paulo

Born and raised in Brazil, undergraduate in business administration, interior design and furniture design.

Yankatu was born out of my desire to translate the essence of Brazilian identity through art and a unique and timeless design. My work consists of immersions in communities throughout Brazil, studying aspects rooted in culture and …


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