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28 biaugust

28 biaugust

Hometown: Taiwan

Based in: Taipei

Both born in August, Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu named their co-founded design company "Biaugust" to declare that their love for design was as passsionate as the August sun. After completing their foreign studies in Japan in 2005, both of them chose to return to Taiwan and establish the "Biaugust Creation Office" in Taipei. They then began to carry out a wide range of graphic design tasks, and started to participate in all kinds ofart-creation activities.

"Biaugust" has always insisted on fusing "Life and Emotion" in their creations, and regards this idea as the origin of all their art projects - that is, by blending life into their design work, the design itself will prove capable of touching people more deeply. By exploring any possible connections between the human and design elements through a variety of intermediate materials, "Biaugust" has successfully developed its own unique design style and perspective. Sinceits establishment, "Biaugust" has received several domestic and international awards, and has participated in numerous art exhibitions in different parts of the world. By exploring a variety of avenues in which to exert their design expertise, "Biaugust" has spread its good name into clothes lines, home decor, interior design, industrial, art creation and other areas.

Since its establishment, "Biaugust" has continued the creation of "The Nonlife Zoo", a series of design works that incorporates the concept of environmental protection. Since the first series of "The Nonlife Zoo" won the SICF design awards in Japan in 2006, "Biaugust" has continued to publicize a new series every year, and sometimes two, to remind people of the importance of environmental protection. When the 6th "Formosa" design series won the 1st Xue Xue Awards in 2009, "Biaugust" started to cooperate with the Xue Xue Institute to turn environmental protection concepts into commercial products, thereby successfully introducing these concepts into the daily lives of consumers. This year, "Biaugust" further internationalized "The Nonlife Zoo" design series by establishing a product-development cooperation relationship with Molla Space in the United States. Their common goal was to promote the environmental protection concepts of "The Nonlife Zoo" series by hosting art exhibitions throughout the United States.

In 2006, "Biaugust" started to cooperate with the Wacoal Art Center based in Japan, and has successfully utilized this opportunity to extend its reach from graphic design to product design. In 2007, "Biaugust" established the "Biaugust DECO" brand as its home decor brand. Since then, "Biaugust" has transformed its role from a simple design studio to a provider of life experience and philosophy, bringing its customers a combined atmosphere of "Life and Emotion" through regular contact with its design products. By creating all their design work from the "designer to user" perspective, and infusing real-life experience and attitudes into their products, "Biaugust" has found a perfect balance between creativity and functionality for its products, thereby encouraging users to reflect upon their existing attitudes towards their lives. Through interaction between the human and the objects, our senses are re-awakened, and are once again able to feel the presence of life, and be moved by the happiness and warmth that comes from sharing beautiful things with other people. This is the "Biaugust DECO's attitude towards life" that Biaugust has been striving to convey to its users.

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