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Akihiro Mori

Hometown: Japan

Based in: Japan

When I was a child, I loved car and airplane plastic models as many boys liked.
I especially liked airplanes, but because I was not a very wealthy house, I didn't get much.
One day at a toy store, I knew a model airplane made of wood and paper that I could actually fly, and I got hooked in that hobby.
Kit models were also sold, but because they are expensive, they bought cheap materials and made them while looking at the drawings listed in the magazine.
The fuselage is cut in a streamlined manner after wood is laminated, and the wings are made by assembling a thin frame and stretching it with paper.
So I unconsciously got into making a three-dimensional object made up of soft phases.

When I grew up, I worked for an electronics maker in response to the demands of the times.
It was interesting at first, but it has become increasingly sad.
That's because what I've made hard has been out of date in a few months and will be discarded without being used. The company quit in a few years.
I wanted to work on making things that would be used with attachment for a long time, and worked on making custom furniture.
After 5 years of training at a furniture studio, I started my own studio and it has been 24 years.
And now I make furniture for many of my customers' orders.

I often make creative furniture for competitions and exhibitions. When I make new things, I often walk around the woods and parks and observe them.
Because I was born and raised in the country, I like the trees and flowers that grow in nature.
The plants are swaying and gentle in the breeze, but mysterious with the invisible strength to endure the storm.
Also, the wide variety of structures found in flowers is something that only God seems to have made.
Trying to put such strange powers and structures into my work, I am trying and error.

I am a member of the Japan Craft Design Association, and have exhibited at exhibitions hosted by it.
In the past, I was awarded for recognition by Mr. Toshiyuki Kita, a famous Japanese product designer.
Now I also teach design course students how to make furniture at a Japanese art university.