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Andrii Rudenko

Born: 1980

Hometown: Alexandria

Based in: Kyiv

Born on May 15, 1980, in a small Ukrainian town Alexandria, he was fond of drawing, embroidery, and woodcarving since childhood. These creative hobbies later determined Andrey's choice of his future profession. At the age of 18, he entered a vocational-technical college in Alexandria and got a specialty of a cabinetmaker.
After graduating from college, in his native town, he was engaged in the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture, and doors.
After moving to Kyiv in 2004, Andrey worked in large companies based in the capital and specialized in creating individual interiors.
In 2011 with the partner, he started their own company. At that time, Andrei was studying for a major in Economics and Human Resource Management at the International Academy of Human Resources Management, Kyiv. The main Andrii’s passions remain creativity, gallery and object design, free flight of thought.


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