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Arianna De Luca

Born: 1986

Hometown: Abruzzo

Based in: Rome

Arianna De Luca has been working as an interior designer in UK, South America and Italy, where she is currently based. In 2017 she started to work with ceramics in order to create bespoke pieces to complement her interior projects and has recently decided to give life to her very own ceramic design collection. She is currently based in Rome where she runs her studio and artisanal workshop.

Each of her projects displays her passion and interest for the Mediterranean landscapes and culture.
Constantly seeking authenticity, she mainly focuses on the narrative and emotional side of her designs.
Her aesthetic is represented by cheerful pieces with bold shapes and vibrant Mediterranean colours.

Her main source of inspiration is the Mediterranean landscape, culture and its artistic and artisanal heritage. She extensively researches into traditions, popular culture and artefacts of this area and uses them as a starting point for her explorations.
Her work is deeply rooted in the 80s Italian design language and the Vietri ceramic heritage, whose colours and themes often appear within her production. Her pieces also reflect the textures, details and palettes she captures while exploring countries, cultures and villages in the Mediterranean territory.


More About Arianna De Luca

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

Her creative process starts with an intensive visual research on the topics and stories she wants to tell through her designs. She collects pictures, material samples and looks at existing visual research and then carefully reworks this information into shapes and colours. Due to this narrative approach, the pieces she produces evoke specific atmospheres and moods and draw the observer into the stories they tell.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

fresh, cheerful, bold

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

casts and hands :)

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Central Saint Martins

United Kingdom, 2012