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Billie van Katwijk

Born: 1994

Hometown: Utrecht

Based in: Amsterdam

Conceptual product designer Billie van Katwijk is fascinated by nature: that endlessly shapeshifting, growing, blooming, dying, sprouting, phenomenon. From these natural cycles all sorts of materials emerge. Some are treasured (gold, oil, diamonds) while other materials remain unseen or unappreciated. Billie van Katwijk unravels the beauty of these materials. Slaughterhouse-waste becomes a luxury-leather, a residue from the sewer shows its hidden colors when turned into a glaze. Cremation ashes are transformed in a delicate porcelain. Van Katwijk believes in showing contradictions and taboos, but she doesn’t judge. Her projects seduce people to think and to engage in a dialogue. “My concepts are completed by the user, with his or her own thoughts.”

Van Katwijk graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) in 2017 and currency has her Studio based in Amsterdam.


Billie van Katwijk In The Studio

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More About Billie van Katwijk

Question IconWhat inspires you?

Stories: fiction, literature, movies. At the moment I am inspired by the "Piacenza Liver" which I came across via Aby Warburg, who inspires me too.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

Shapeshifting is a process that comes back in all my work. Literally on the physical side with the transformations of materials, shifting in functions, meaning and value. I can be a little shapeshifter myself too. I work interdisciplinary and with my work I question from an outsider perspective. Research is part of my creative process and is not bound to a discipline or method. The research and therefore also the physical medium can take many forms, depending on what is needed to tell the story.

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

My pen en notebook, to get the ideas out of my mind, to make connections and reflect.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

The museum, preferably one with ancient objects. The library. Talking to people inspires me too.



Design Academy Eindhoven

Netherlands, 2017


Channelling Change: Inside A Designer’s Brain Virtual Design Festival powered by Dezeen

Italy, 2020

(Re)design Death CUBE design museum

Netherlands, 2020

Bags – Icons and investments Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

Switzerland, 2020

Design Laboratory: Materials and Technology Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Switzerland, 2020

Circular>Materialists, Kazerne

Netherlands, 2019

Material Connections, The Koppel Project Central, London Design Festival

United Kingdom, 2019

Design in Public Spaces. Water, Zamek Cieszy

Poland, 2019

Creative Expo Taiwan, Taipei

Taiwan, 2019

BLOOT - het kwetsbare lichaam, Museum Kranenburgh Bergen,

Netherlands, 2019

WASTE, Palais de Hollande Istanbul

Turkey, 2019

Why Materials Matter, Brompton Design District, London

United Kingdom, 2018

Clean Revolution, Dutch Design for a better world, San Francisco

United States of America, 2018

Biotopia-fest BIOTOPIA Naturkundemuseum Bayern, München

Germany, 2018

Not for Sale, Design Academy Eindhoven, Milan

Italy, 2018

Design Shanghai, Neuni-Materio, Shanghai

China, 2018