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Born: 2012

Hometown: Bologna / Maastricht

Based in: Fiesole

Fred&Juul renew traditions by applying fine Italian craftsmanship to contemporary design. Based in Tuscany and founded by Italian-Dutch architects' duo Federico Minarelli and Julie Janssen, the brand explores the possibilities of producing designs that are versatile and elegant while being exclusively handcrafted by local artisans from traditional materials like brass and solid wood. Fred&Juul's design philosophy is aimed at sustainability and contrasting the throw-away society by creating lighting and furniture that will last, both for its exceptional quality and for its timeless appearance. Every piece is manufactured in small specialized workshops scattered around Tuscany. The designers manage the entire production process and have a direct relationship with the craftsmen and women, who are involved in the design process from the early stages. The result is a contemporary collection that conjures up the refined artistry of centuries-old craftsmanship.


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