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Ghassan Salameh

Born: 1985

Hometown: Beirut

Based in: Beirut

After acquiring a masters degree from European Design Labs in Madrid, Ghassan Salameh set up his studio in Beirut to focus on light, furniture and object designs, gaining from an accumulated experience in print and digital graphics, product design, set design, web and digital interactive design.

As an interdisciplinary conceptual and solution oriented designer, his projects occupy an in-between space where product design and conceptual art meet. Contemporary and experimental, his work is inspired by details from daily life, often unnoticed yet crucial in shaping our experiences. More importantly, it pays tribute to local craftsmanship and presents it with new possibilities.

As a child observing his father, a metal craftsman, at work, he began to think of design as a way to preserve a dying tradition by restoring its original function: problem solving.

He believes that design is about challenging traditional craftsmanship by creating new complexities of form and technique and opening it to new territory; that each object he designs and produces is a celebration of a successful marriage of concept and labor, a fusion of creativity, expertise, history, technology and method.

His experimentation with different materials found in the local market, is a further acknowledgment of traditional handicraft pushed across new limits.

In principle, his work is about having the process of production visible in the final product even if subtly where each step of the work is expressed as both design and artistry.