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Grzegorz Majka

Born: 1983

Hometown: London

Based in: London

Since 2004 year, working as a stonemason, Grzegorz Majka was looking to find new and useful applications for natural stone. He turned to nature, where tulip flowers and aloe bushes led to the first samples of home jewels. Following that path, he created many works of art that are like forbidden fruit that tempt with their innovative solution, shape and uniqueness.

GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD is an enterprise which actively supports dimensional stone industry by helping it blaze new trails in industrial designing and grow in the field of inventive projects, through making the best out of what Mother Nature gave us, namely, of stone.

The program serves as a ticket for young natural stone designers. GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD promotes extensive cooperation with interior designers and architects whose vision is to create interiors which are not only fashionable and functional but timeless as well.

Uniqueness, perfectionism and exceptionality are only some of the qualities of undertakings performed by GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD. Producing top quality furniture, its collections are made of noble materials like stone or wood. Owing to its innovative approach to natural materials, GRZEGORZ MAJKA LTD is able to obtain effects which cannot be even dreamed of when using alternatives.


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