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Kevin Park

Born: 1977

Hometown: Gangnam, Seoul

Based in: Seoul

Kevin Park is a former stage designer and furniture designer who majored in stage design. When designing furniture, it is designed based on the space and story to be installed so that it is not only furniture At the same time, I like to give stories and meanings to space. Since COVID-19, the largest proportion of interior elements that complete the space has become works and furniture. Starting with the work "Mars Hotel Bellboy/mars Hotel Bellboy" submitted to Urban Break (Art Asia 2020), 2020 Gangnam Design Week/Special Hall, The 2021 Lina Gallery Group Exhibition and Seoul Living Design Fair/Planning Hall presented works, stories, videos, and music. Mars Hotel Bellboy said, "Come to me, all the hard-working and heavy baggage, and I will give you a rest. (Matthew 11:28) is a message that not only COVID-19 but also various aspects of recovery It contains a story of comfort. I hope that "The Day to Mars" will soon be illuminated as the world's most famous work and writer.

2011 SaloneSatellite / Italy -Milano
2011 BMM museum / South Korea- Seoul
2015 ICFF / USA - NewYork
2017 New Craft / China - Shanghai
2018 K museum of contemporary Art / South Korea- Seoul

2017~ Kookmin University / Techno design Graduate School


Kevin Park In The Studio

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