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Knot Artesanal

Born: 2016

Hometown: Paraty - Brazil

Based in: Paraty - Brazil

Knót (ki-no-ti) is the meeting of design, beauty and simplicity hand crafted in solid hard-woods.

It was formed between Brazilian architect Renata Gutierrez (nó) and British woodworker James Rowland (knot), both passionate about the forms, tones and textures of wood.

Our focus is on simple lines, quality materials and natural finishes. All of our pieces are handmade using traditional woodworking methods to create timeless contemporary pieces that not only need to be seen but also felt.

This takes place in Paraty Brazil, an historical town nestled between the sea and the mountainous rainforest.


Knot Artesanal In The Studio

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More About Knot Artesanal

Question IconWhat inspires you?

We draw most of our inspiration from our surroundings, with rugged mountainous rainforest on all sides it's hard not to be impressed by all the natural beauty.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

A constant exchange of ideas.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Clean, Natural, Elegant

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