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Hometown: Copenhagen

Based in: Copenhagen

In this collaboration with raawii, the artist Michael Kvium has put down the paintbrush and picked up the clay.

The result is the brand-new series Jam, which consists of three faience products, all made in Portugal: a vase made in seven different glaze colours, a dish made in three colours and a white-glazed figurative candleholder that has a clear kinship with the characters in his paintings.

All three products reflect Kvium’s distinct idiom and unique surrealist expression, which lays bare the grotesque and taboo aspects of human existence in images that often draw on inspiration from everyday life. And everyday life is where the items in the Jam series are intended to perform as functional designs.

The sculptural pieces are not only tangible manifestations of the artist’s vision but also utilitarian objects. ‘These are products, not editioned pieces,’ says Kvium. Every single one of the reinterpreted decorative and practical objects in the Jam series will form a significant centrepiece in a room, adding abaroque aesthetic touch.


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